Chanteuse Country US née Irene Rebecca Kelley à Latrobe (Pennsylvanie).

A native of Latrobe, PA, Irene Kelley first started playing music in a Led Zeppelin cover band in high school. She got herself kicked out, however, for suggesting that they might try playing a Dolly Parton song, laying the groundwork for her first steps toward country music. At 19 she got her first guitar, a new Cortez with inlay work that she bought because she thought it was pretty. Soon she began composing the songs that would help pave her way to Nashville. One of her first releases was a song entitled "Pennsylvania Is My Home," which ended up being nominated for the Pennsylvania state song (unfortunately it didn't make it). A live performance of it, however, did end up being part of a PBS documentary and was one of the songs that she sent to various music publishers in Nashville, eventually attracting the attention of Gordon Payne at CBS Records. A few demos later, she landed herself a recording contract with MCA and in 1983 relocated to Nashville with her husband. MCA released two of Kelley's singles, "You Are a Rock and I Am a Rolling Stone" and "Love Is a Hard Road," but scrapped the full-length album that she had recorded for them. Kelley kept writing, however, and penned songs that would eventually be recorded by Loretta Lynn, Trisha Yearwood, and Ricky Skaggs, among others. Producing another album would be a much longer process, as Kelley focused on her family, raising two young daughters. In 1999 she released her album, Simple Path, on her own label, aided by a talented supporting cast of Nashville musicians. The album earned enough attention and critical praise that it was picked up for national distribution and re-released in 2001 by Relentless Nashville.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Country Pop, Bluegrass, Contemporary Country, Traditional Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10


12/1989 SP MCA MCAS7-53756 (US) Love Is A Hard Road / Too Late (To Turn Back Now)
12/1990 SP MCA MCAS7-53885 (US) Rock And A Rolling Stone / Love Is A Hard Road


02/2001 CD Madacy 373 (US) Simple Path - A Little Bluer Than That / O Mexico / Not So Different After All / Scorns Of Time / It Wasn't Me / Dancin' Shoes / Pilgrim In The Rain / Constant State Of Grace / Jealousy / One Fine Day / Never Lookin' Back
10/2004 CD Me & My 1020 (US) Thunderbird - Highway / If I Had Any Strenght At All / Cold All The Time / Somebody Let The Water In / Thunderbird / My Sun & Moon / Big Girl Now / Burn Down The House / Might Unbreak My Heart / Comin' Back From The Moon / I Pray
08/2008 CD Madacy Kids 3732 (US)

Country Lull-A-Bye's - T-Tiny, B-Baby / My Little Baby-O / The Toy Maker's Dream / 100 Times Around The Moon / Patches And Britches / Rock-A-Bye Rain / Goodnight, Little One / If Wishes Were Horses / God Bless All the Little Children

02/2014 CD PATIO ? (US)

Pennsylvania Coal - You Don't Run Across My Mind / Feels Like Home / Pennsylvania Coal / Breakin' Even / My Flower / Rattlesnake Rattler / Sister's Heart / Things We Never Did / Angels Around Her / Better With Time / Garden Of Dreams / You Are Mine

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