Dobroiste Bluegrass US né en 1926 en Alabama.

Born in 1926, on a cotton farm near Florence, Alabama, USA. He was attracted to country music by recordings he heard as a child, first by the Carter Family and then in the late 30s, the recordings of Roy Acuff. He was particularly drawn to the sound of the dobro on Acuff’s recordings and was totally impressed by the playing of Pete Kirby. During service in the US Navy during World War II, Kimbrough met Kirby and bought one of his old dobro guitars. He recalled years later that ‘By the time I got it, it was the most beat up dobro you ever saw but it still had the sound and I was the happiest person in the world’. After the war, Kimbrough returned to the farm and although he never became a full time musician, he played and sang with various groups. A dedicated traditionalist, his Vocals work was reminiscent of Acuff’s. He also wrote many songs such as the biographical ‘Sundown At Our Old Home Place’ and dobro instrumentals but did not record until 1973. During the 80s, he formed his own Kimbro Records and also had releases on Cattle, a German label.

Talents : Dobro, Vocals

Style musical : Bluegrass

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10


19?? SP Woodrich 2691/2692 (US)
Bluegrass Steel Guitar Rag / Hawaiian Dobro Chimes



11/1981 LP 12" CATTLE LP 12 (GER) Country music is still alive - Your eyes light up my world for me / Lonesome for you baby / I Didn't know the half of it / Divorce after fifty / I've got a weakness / Dobro Chimes (=Steel Guitar Chimes) / Don't let the party end / The Place I'm homesick for / Call of the island / Please turn your back on those footlights / Sundown at our old home place / Bouncin' the bar
1983 LP 12" CATTLE LP 37 (GER) Country songs for country folks - Ring around the collar / Coosie coo and pookie doo / Hooked on your bed of sin / I'm thinking tonight of my blue eyes / I'm not scared of that old grave / Go Home, Go Home / Operator, Give Me Heaven / If this old house could talk / Winners Take All / When It's Lamp lighting time in the valley / America Let's Wake Up / Are You Speaking To Me, Lord?
12/1984 LP 12" CATTLE LP 59 (GER) Going back to the country - I'm going back to the country / The bottle let me down / Rattle snaking daddy / First fall of snow / Only a fool would say there's No God / Between the Devil and the deep blue sea / Harddown Lonesome / Dippin' a little Skoal / Stuck-Up Blues / Milk Cow Blues / Eyes can send a message / The Answer To "Hell No, We Won't Go"
1986 LP 12" KIMBRO KR-101086 (US)

James Kimbrough ‎Sings Saturday Night Favorites Of The 30's & 40's - There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere / Philipino Baby / I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair  / When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again / They're All Going Home But One / I Want To Be Loved (But Only By You) / That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine / Picture From Life's Other Side / I Wonder Where You Are Tonight / The Great Titanic / I Walk Alone / All I Do Is Hang My Head And Cry

1988 LP 12" KIMBRO JK-7688 (US)

James Kimbrough ‎Sings Old Time Radio Hymns With Jesse Handley And Frog Fowler - This World Is Not My Home / How Beautiful Heaven Can Be / The Old Country Church / When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder / The Unclouded Day / The Heart That Was Broken For Me / What A Friend We Have In Jesus / City On The Hill / I Dreamed I Search Heaven For You / That Beautiful Home / Automobile Of Life / In The Garden

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