Chanteur Country US né William Robert Mize le 29 Avril 1929 à Arkansas City (Kansas). Billy Mize fut Disc jockey sur KPMC, Bakersfield (Calififornie) et un régulier du Cousin Herb Show (KERO, Bakersfield (Calififornie)). Billy Mize est décédé le 29 Ocrobre 2017.

Born 29 April 1929, Kansas City, Kansas, USA. Raised in the San Joaquin Valley of California, Mize first learned to play guitar as a child, but converted to steel guitar when he received one for his 18th birthday. Originally, he was influenced by the music of Bob Wills and when he moved to Bakersfield, he formed his own band and played residences at local venues. He also worked as a disc jockey on KPMC. In 1953, he appeared onThe Cousin Herb Trading Post Show on KERO-TV Bakersfield, and became affectionately known as Billy The Kid. He was a regular with the show for 13 years, including hosting it at one stage. Mize still played his other appearances, and in 1955, began to appear on the Hank Penny Show on Los Angeles television. In 1957, his popularity grew to the extent that, for several years, he managed to appear on seven Los Angeles television stations weekly, includingTown Hall Party, and still maintained his Bakersfield commitments.
He naturally developed into a television personality and, in 1966 and 1967, he became host/singer of Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch network show on KTLA. He also commenced his own syndicatedBilly Mize Show from Bakersfield. He first recorded for Decca Records in the 50s, and later for Challenge and Liberty, before making the US country charts in 1966 with his Columbia recording of ‘You Can’t Stop Me’. Between 1966 and 1977, he totalled 11 US chart entries, including his own composition, ‘Make It Rain’. Some of his songs were hits for other artists, such as ‘Who Will Buy The Wine’ (Charlie Walker), ‘My Baby Walks All Over Me’ (Johnny Sea) and ‘Don’t Let The Blues Make You Bad’ (Dean Martin). He maintained rigorous schedules throughout the 60s and 70s, and appeared in the television series RFD Hollywood. He later became a television producer with his own production company. He has also worked as a musician on numerous recording sessions, including playing steel and rhythm guitar on many of Merle Haggard’s recordings.
His brother Buddy (b. 5 August 1936, Wichita, Kansas, USA) is a noted country songwriter, record producer and radio personality. He also relocated to Bakersfield, and his songs have been recorded by Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Hank Snow and many others. In the early 80s, Buddy and Billy worked together on various television projects. Billy currently heads Billy Mize Productions, making television spectaculars with Haggard. In the mid-90s Mize suffered a stroke from which he recovered. In 2001 he was inducted into the Pioneers of Western Swing.
Billy Mize died on October 29, 2017

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Steel Guitar, Songwriter, Band Leader, TV Show Host

Style musical : Contemporary Country

Who Will Buy The Wine  (1956)


Big Spender From The East (1959) (Billy & Cliff)

You Can't Stop Me (1966)

Make It Rain (1969)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



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Who Will Buy The Wine / I Saw Her First

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Little Coco Palm / Windward Isle

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Terrible Tangled Web / You Don't Have Very Far To Go

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Billy MIZE with The JORDANAIRES - The Bigger The Fool (The Harded The Fall) / You Can't Stop Me

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Walkin' Through The Memories Of My Mind / Wind (I'll Catch Up To You)

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Planet Named Desire / Desire (B. Goode)

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While I'm Thinkin' About It / The Absence Of You

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The Closest I Ever Came / Mama, The Sparrow And The Tree

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If This Was The Last Song / I Learned To Walk

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Beer Drinking Honky Tonk Blues / Someday When It Gets To Be Tomorrow

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You're Alright With Me / I Forget More Than You'll Ever Know

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Blowing The Cold Ashes / All Together Now Cry

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Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues / Middle Tennessee Country Boy's Blues


California Is Just Mississippi / Just The Other Side Of Nowhere


Thank You For The Feeling / Detroit City


Lord, Let It Rain / Poor Man's Hobby

09/1974 SP MEGA MR-1216 (US) .

Billy Mize & The Trucker's Choir - Linda's Love Step / Do Apples Look Like Oranges?

01/1974 SP MEGA MR-1223 (US) .

Do Apples Look Like Oranges? / It's A Feel Called Love

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The Lady's Leavin' / For No Other Reason But Love

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Two People Party / Heaven For The Weekend

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Linda's Love Step / Livin' Her Life In A Song


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12/1970 LP 12" UNITED ARTISTS UAS-6781 (US) YOU'RE ALL RIGHT WITH ME - You're Alright With Me / Stand By Me / Someday When It Gets To Be Tomorrow / I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know / Mama, The Sparrow, And The Tree / Beer Drinking, Honky Tonkin' Blues / Let's Get Together / When A Boy Falls In Love / If This Was The Last Song / All Together Now Cry / The Closest I Ever Came / That's Why I Sing In A Honky Tonk
1976 LP 12" ZODIAC ZLP-5007 (US) LOVE 'N' STUFF - It Hurts To Know The Feeling's Gone / Born To Love Me / The Lady's Leavin' / Satin Sidewalk Salesman / It's A Feeling Called Love / Heaven For The Weekend / Living Her Life In A Song / Linda's Love Stop / Letting Go / Put 'Em All Together And I'd Have You
12/1987 2 LP 12" G M GMLP-101 (US)

DISC 1 : Take Me Back To Tulsa / Across The Alley From The Alamo / Faded Love / Bubbles In My Beer / There's Not A Cow In Texas / Big Beaver / You're From Texas / Heart To Heart Talk / My Window Faces The South / Brain Cloudy Blues / Hang Your Head In Shame / New San Antonio Rose
DISC 2 : Home In San Antonio / Basin Street Blues / Trouble In Mind / Cherokee Maiden / Keeper Of My Heart / Stay A Little Longer / Roly Poly / Blues For Dixie / Rose Of Old Pawnee / Alexander's Ragtime Band / Got A Letter From My Kid Today / Time Changes Everything

CD 1 : Cherokee Maiden / Trouble In Mind / Alexander's Ragtime Band / You Don't Love Me But I'll Always Care / My Window Faces The South / There's Not A Cow In Texas / Heart To Heart Talk / Roses Of Old Pawnee / Faded Love / Basin Street Blues / Across The River From The Alamo / The Moment I Lost You / San Antonio Rose
CD 2 : Take Me Back To Tulsa / I'm From Texas Too / Brain Cloudy Blues / Letter From My Kid / Time Changes Everything / Roly Poly / Bubbles In My Beer / Stay A Little Longer / The Keeper Of My Heart / Hand Your Head In Shame / Blue For Dixie / Big Beaver / Home In San Antonia
2006 CD BILLY MIZE ? (US) MAKE IT RAIN - Make It Rain / Time Makes A Memory / Time For You To Go / Lucky Strike In San Antone / Here I Go Again / I Didnt Realize / Baby Loves Me Through Another Day / Who Will Buy The Wine / Dont Let The Blues Make You Bad / The Other Man / All Together Now Cry / You Cant Stop Me / I'm Gonna Find My Heart A Happy Home / You Turn To Me / Youve Got A Lovin Comin / Baby Loves Me Just Right / Over Your Shoulder / Yesterday Means Nothing / Will Buy The Wine / Love Me Tender / Tomorrow Never Comes / I Remember You
12/2014 CD Country Stars CTS 55590 (EUR)

The Melody Ranch Recordings Plus Bonus Tracks - Make It Rain / It's Gonna Get Lonely / Bumming Around / Nine Pound Hammer / I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today / I Didn't Realize / I'll Walk Alone / He's Got A Way With Women / Sweet Dreams / Mental Revenge / Beyond The Reef / 4-0-33 / Bouquet Of Roses / Flower Of Love / Born To Lose / My Adobe Hacienda / Vaya Con Dios / Goody Goody / Kentucky Waltz / Sing The Blues To Daddy / I Gotta Have My Baby Back / Walk Through This World With Me / Sally Was A Good Old Girl / My Elusive Dreams / John Henry / It Had To Be You / Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got) / There Goes My Everything / Jody And The Kid / It Should Be Easier Now / Any Time / I'd Rather Have You Then My Pride / (I'd Be) A Legend In My Time / Studio Tracks : Who'll Buy The Wine / Solid Sender / Planet Named Desire

2017 LP 10" RWA ALP10501 (GER)

From Billy Mize -1958 Demos For Cash - Clementine / Yu Can't Take Your Love Out Of This Boy / I Dropped Something / That's What I Am Doing / Shower Of Tears / She Needed Me

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