Instrumentaliste Country US n le 16 Mars 1954 Wheeling (Virginie de l'Ouest).

Tim O'Brien is one of the spearheads of contemporary bluegrass. As co- founder and lead vocalist of Hot Rize and Red Knuckles & the Trailblazers, O'Brien served as a bridge between the traditional sounds of the hill country and the modern styles of bluegrass in the 1980s. Since the band's breakup, O'Brien has continued to expand the music's borders as a soloist, a duo partner with his sister Mollie, and with his band, the O'Boys. O'Brien's songs have additionally been recorded by Kathy Mattea, the Seldom Scene, New Grass Revival, and the Johnson Mountain Boys.
O'Brien's earliest memories of music are the Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller records favored by his parents and the Lawrence Welk recordings played by a Polish housekeeper. A turning point came when O'Brien began listening to a weekly country music radio show, The Saturday Night Jamboree. Discovering that the show was broadcast from a local theater, O'Brien became a frequent audience member and saw performances by Jerry Lee Lewis, Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, and Roger Miller.
Acquiring his first guitar at the age of 12, O'Brien took to the instrument almost immediately. Although he played with numerous high-school rock bands, O'Brien was steered toward country music and bluegrass by Roger Bland, a banjo-playing patient of a girlfriend's psychiatrist father. A former member of Lester Flatt's band, Bland taught O'Brien to play in the three-finger style of Earl Scruggs. O'Brien had earlier discovered that his father had played mandolin banjo in college, and although his father no longer played the instrument, O'Brien bought new strings and learned a few rudimentary techniques. While attending Colby College in Maine, O'Brien began to play mandolin.
Leaving the college after a year, O'Brien headed to Wyoming and then to Colorado. Before long, he hooked up temporarily with a jug band, Ophelia's String Band. Meeting future Hot Rize bandmates Pete Wernick and Charles Sawtelle, O'Brien formed a bluegrass band, the Drifting Ramblers. Nick Forster, a guitar repairman at the Denver Folklore Center, soon joined the group as well. The band, however, soon drifted apart with O'Brien and Wernick going on to record solo albums. Assembling a new group to help promote the solo recordings, O'Brien, Wernick, Sawtelle, and Forster launched Hot Rize. The band remained together for 12 years. Although their initial sound was very traditional, Hot Rize continued to evolve in a more progressive direction. A popular highlight of Hot Rize's performances came when the four musicians left the stage, changed their clothes, and re-emerged as the Western honky tonk group Red Knuckles & the Trailblazers. The gag continued to grow with the offshoot band recording several albums on their own.
In addition to his work with those aforementioned bands, O'Brien joined with his sister, Mollie, to record an album of old-timey country songs: 1988's Take Me Back. The two have since collaborated on several other albums. While performing at the Summerlights Festival in Nashville, he also met country music songstress Kathy Mattea. When Mattea subsequently had hits with her covers of his songs "Untold Stories" and "Walk the Way the Wind Blows," O'Brien announced that he was leaving Hot Rize to seek his fortune as a songwriter.
Although O'Brien initially signed as a solo performer with RCA, the contract was doomed, and the label turned down O'Brien's first album attempt before dropping him from their roster. O'Brien went on to sign with bluegrass label Sugar Hill. The O'Boys were formed to help promote O'Brien's solo album, Odd Man In, in 1991. Although Forster was an original member, he left the group to host the National Public Radio show E-Town and was replaced by Scott Nygaard. O'Brien continued releasing solo material through the '90s and into the following decade, including an album of Bob Dylan covers (Red on Blonde), the Grammy-winning Fiddler's Green, and the intimate, stripped-down Chameleon.'Brien_(musician)

Talents : Bouzouki, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals, Mandocello, Songwriter

Style musical : Country Folk, Folk, Bluegrass

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Single & EP

1987 SP MERCURY 875 692-7 (US) . Kathy Mattea & Tim O'Brien - The Battle Hymn Of Love / Leaving West Virginia
2012 CD Full Light ? (US) (promo) Tim O'Brien Darrell Scott - We're Usually A Lot Better Than This - Radio Edits


12/1977 LP 12" Biscuit City BC-1317 (US)

Guess Whos In Town - Queen Of The West Hornpipe - St. Anne's Reel / Leather Britches / Kaw River / Beaumont Rag / Willy Walshe's Jig / Kaiser's Waltz / Imogene Polka / Jonesy / 99 Years / Guess Who's In Town / Kit's Waltz / Cadillacin' / Beatin' My Time / Hot Canary / Same Ol' South

11/1984 LP 12" FLYING FISH FF-319 (US) HARD YEAR BLUES - Good Deal Lucille / Cora Is Gone / Land's End / Cabin In Gloryland / The High Road / Cotton Tail / Hard Year Blues / Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor / Evening / Back Up And Push / Queen Of Hearts / Twelve Gates To The City
07/1988 LP 12" SUGAR HILL SH-3766 (US) TAKE ME BACK - Tim & Mollie O'BRIEN - Leave That Liar Alone / Sweet Sunny South / I Love You A Thousand Ways / Just Someone I Used To Know / Down To The Valley To Pray / Wave The Ocean, Wave The Sae / Your Long Journey / When The Roses Bloom In Dixieland / Unwed Fathers / Nobody's Fault But Mine / Papa's On The Housetop / Dream Of The Miner's Child / Christ Was Born In Bethlehem
08/1991 CD SUGAR HILL SH-CD-3790 (US) ODD MAN IN - Fell In Love (And I Can't Get Out) / One Way Street / Circles Around You / Handsome Molly / Lonely At The Bottom / Like I Used To Do / Lone Tree Standing / Love On Hold / Flora, The Lily Of The West / Hold To A Dream / That's What I Like About You / Every Tear Has A Reason Why / Hungry Eyes / Romance Is A Slow Dance
08/1992 CD SUGAR HILL SH-CD-3804 (US) REMEMBER ME - Tim & Mollie O'BRIEN - Looking For The Stone / If I Had My Way / Floods Of South Dakota / Shut De Do / Stagger Lee / Remember Me / Somebody Told The Blues / Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others) / That's The Way To Treat Your Woman / Motherless Children / Pilgrim Of Sorrow / Hush While The Little Ones Sleep / Out In The Country
04/1993 CD SUGAR HILL SH-CD-3808 (US) OH BOY ! OH BOY ! - Tim O'BRIEN & The O'BOYS - The Church Steeple [High On A Hillside] / When I Paint My Masterpiece / Heartbreak Game / Time To Learn / The Perfect Place To Hide / Run Mountain / Good Woman Bad / Few Are Chosen / Shadows Of Light / The Farmer's Cursed Wife / Johnny Don't Get Drunk - Rye Straw / He Had A Long Chain On
06/1994 CD SUGAR HILL SH-CD-3825 (US) AWAY OUT ON THE MOUNTAIN - Tim & Mollie O'BRIEN - Away Out On The Mountain / Wichita / Orphan Girl / He Lifts Me / When I Was A Cowboy / Tragic Romance / Don't Let Me Come Home A Stranger / Home By The Sea / Price To Pay / That's How I Learned To Sing The Blues / Bad Day (Hole In Your Shoe) / When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again / Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down / Father Adieu
05/1995 CD SUGAR HILL SH-CD-3835 (US) ROCK IN MY SHOE - Long Distance / Brother Wind / Rock In My Shoe / One Girl Cried / Daddy's On The Roof Again / Edge Of The Storm / Climbin' Up A Montain / Jonah And The Whale / Melancholy Moon (Not) / She's Runnin' Away / Out In The Darkness / Deep In The Woods / Small Up And Simple Down
06/1996 CD SUGAR HILL SH-CD-3853 (US) RED ON BLONDE - Seor (Tales Of Yankee Power) / Tombstone Blues / Farewell, Angelina / The Wicked Messenger / Father Of Night / Subterranean Homesick Blues / Everything Is Broken / Man Gave Names To All The Animals / Masters Of War / Oxford Town / Maggie's Farm / Forever Young / Lay Down Your Weary Tune
08/1997 CD SUGAR HILL SH-CD-3866 (US) WHEN NO ONE'S AROUND - Kick Me When I'm Down / River Of Blood / One Drop Of Rain / When You Come Back Down / Out On The Rolling Sea / I Like The Way You Cook / How Come I Ain't Dead / Love And Laughter / Love Is Pleasing / Think About Last Night / Don't Be Surprised (Mary And Joseph On Christmas Eve) / First Days Of Fall / When There's No One Around
1998 CD HOWDY SKIES HS-1002-2 (US) Songs From The Mountain - Dirk Powell, Tim O'Brien, John Herrmann - Mountain Air - Washington's March - Bonaparte's Retreat / Cluck Old Hen / Raleigh And Spencer / The Blackest Crow / Stobrod's Tune / When I Die I'll Live Again / The Drunkard's Hiccups (Jack Of Diamonds) / Backstep Cindy / Wayfarin' Stranger / Skillet Good And Greasy / Mole In The Ground / Claire Dechutes / Cherokeee Trail - Glory In The Meeting House / Bow Down / Lonesome John / Fair Margaret And Sweet William / Hard Times / Angel Band
05/1999 CD ALULA ALU-1014-2 (US) THE CROSSING - Ireland's Green Shore / A Mountaineer Is Always Free / The Crossing / Into The West / Wagoner's Lad / Down In The Willow Garden / The Kid On The Mountain / Lost Little Children / Ireland's Green Shore [instr.] / John Riley / Rod McNeil / Lord McDonald - Cumberland Gap / Talkin' Cavan / The Ribbon In Your Hair / Yew Piney Mountain - Dusty Miller / Wandering
09/1999 CD Compass 7-4280-2 (US)

New Grange - Philip Aaberg, Darol Anger, Alison Brown, Mike Marshall, Tim O'Brien, Todd Phillips - Handsome Molly / Sally Ann / Under The Hood / Rock In A Weary Land / Cabin Waltz / Goin' To Boston / Weetabix / Round Trip / Stone Coal West Virginia / Shoot The Moon / Land's End / Music Tree

04/2000 CD HOWDY SKIES HS-1003-2 (US) REAL TIME - Tim O'BRIEN & Darrell SCOTT - Walk Beside Me / With A Memory Like Mine / Weary Blues From Waiting / A House Of Gold / More Love / There Ain't No Easy Way / Little Sadie / Helen Of Troy, Pennsylvania / Five Rooms / Long Time Gone / I'm Not Gonna Forget You / Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burnin' / The Second Mouse
10/2001 CD HOWDY SKIES HS-1004-2 (US) TWO JOURNEYS - Turning Around / Mick Ryan's Lament / For The Fallen / Paddy Fahey's - Garret Barry's The Cliffs Of Moher / The Apple Press - The Apple Cart / Demon Lover / The Holy Well / Me And Dirk's Trip To Ireland / The Lancer's Jig - Gusty's Frolicks / What Does The Deep Sea Say? / Two Journeys (Deux Voyages) / The Tide Flows Into Miltown / Pear Tree - Muddy Roads - Ladies' Pantelettes / Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
08/2003 CD SUGAR HILL SUGCD-3978 (US) TRAVELER - Kelly Joe's Shoes / I've Endured / Turn The Page Again / Let Love Take You Back Again / Restless Spirit Wandering / Another Day / On The Outside Looking In / Forty-Nine Keep On Talkin' / Family History / Fell Into Her Deep Blue Eyes / Travelers / Less & Less
09/2005 CD SUGAR HILL SUGCD-4005 (US) CORNBREAD NATION - Hold On / Moses / Cornbread Nation / The Foggy Dew / Let's Go Huntin' / Walkin' Boss / House Of The Rising Sun / Runnin' Out Of Memory / Busted / California Blues / Boat Up The River / When This World Comes To An End
09/2005 CD SUGAR HILL SUGCD-4006 (US) FIDDLER'S GREEN - Pretty Fair Maid In The Garden / Look Down That Lonesome Road / Fiddler's Green / Land's End - Chasin' Talon / Fair Flowers Of The Valley / Foreign Lander / Buffalo Skinners / First Snow / Train On The Island / Long Black Veil / A Few More Years / Early Morning Rain
03/2008 CD PROPER AMERICAN 700115 (US) CHAMELEON - Where's Love Come From / Hoss Race / The Garden / Red Dog In The Morning / Phantom Phone Call / Megna's / Chameleon / Father Forgive Me / The Only Way To Never Hurt / Get Out There And Dance / This World Was Made For Everyone / When In Rome / World Of Trouble / Safe In Your Arms / Crooked Road / Nothing To Say (That Hasn't Been Said)
07/2010 CD HOWDY SKIES HSCD 1005 (US)

Chicken And Egg - You Ate The Apple / My Girl's Waiting For Me (River Driving) / Suzanna / Sinner / Gonna Try To Make Her Stay / The Sun Jumped Up / All I Want / Workin' / No Way To Stop The Flow / Not Afraid O' Dyin' / Letter In The Mail / Old Joe / Mother Mary / Space Between The Lines

10/2012 CD Full Light 478923 (US)

We're Usually a Lot Better Than This - LIVE - Tim O'BRIEN & Darrell SCOTT - Climbing Up A Mountain / House Of Gold / White Freightliner Blues / Mick Ryan's Lament / With A Memory Like Mine / Early Morning Rain / Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning / Long Time Gone / You Don't Have To Move That Mountain / Hummingbird / Mom And Dad's Waltz / Hambone / When There's No One Around - Will The Circle Be Unbroken

09/2013 CD Full SKIES 479904 (US)

Memories And Moments - Tim O'BRIEN & Darrell SCOTT - Time To Talk To Joseph / It All Comes Down To Love / Keep Your Dirty Lights On / Brother Wind / Memories And Moments / Paradise / Just One More / Fiddler Jones / Well / Alone And Forsaken / You Don't Own Me / Angel's Blue Eyes / Free Again / On Life's Other Side

11/2015 CD HOWDY SKIES HOW-CD-2015 (US)

Pompadour - Pompadour / Go Down To The Water / Whatever Happened To Me / The Tulips On The Table / I Gotta Move / Gimme Little Somethin' Take Her Off My Mind / Ditty Boy Twang / Snake Basket / Get Up Offa That Thing / I'm A Mess For You / The Water Is Wise

03/2017 CD HOWDY SKIES HOW-CD-2017 (US)

Where The River Meets The Road - High Flying Bird / Grandma's Hands / Guardian Angel / Where The River Meets The Road / Friday, Sunday's Coming / When The Mist Clears Away / Queen Of The Earth And Child Of The Skies / My Old Brown Coat And Me / Drunkard's Grave / Windy Mountain / Few Old Memories / Little Annie

03/2019 CD HOWDY SKIES HOW-CD-2019 (US)

Tim O'Brien Band - Diggin' My Potatoes / Drunkard's Walk / Doney Gal / Hop Down Reel / Johnny Doherty's Reel / The Other Woman / Beyond / My Love Lies in the Ground / Pastures Of Plenty / Wind // La Gringa Renee / Amazing Love / Last Train From Poor Valley / Crooked Road

07/2021 CD HOWDY SKIES HOW-CD-2021 (US)

He Walked On - When You Pray (Move Your Feet) / Nervous / He Walked On / Can You See Me, Sister? / I Breathe In / Thats How Every Empire Falls / Sod Buster / El Comedor / See You At The Funeral / Pushing On Buttons (Staring At Screens) / Five Miles In And One Mile Down / The Same Boat, Brother / Ready On The Firing Line

08/2021 LP 12"  Wendell World WW004 (US)

Life Lessons - TIM, BILL & DALE - Tim O'Brien - Bill Frisell - Dale Bruning - Bags Groove / Red Rockin Chair / Paris Nights / All The Things You Are / Bonita's Place / Langosta Bay / Sweet Lorraine / Gone With The Wind / Trouble In Mind

06/2023 CD HOWDY SKIES HOW-CD-2023 (US)

Cup Of Sugar - Bear / Let The Horses Run / Stuck In The Middle / Thinkin' Like A Fish / Cup Of Sugar / The Pay's A Lot Better Too / Shout Lulu / The Anchor / She Can't, He Won't And They'll Never / Diddleye Day / Little Lamb Little Lamb / Goodbye Old Friend / Gila Headwaters

06/2023 LP 12" HOWDY SKIES HOW-LP-2023 (US) Cup Of Sugar - Bear / Let The Horses Run / Stuck In The Middle / Thinkin Like A Fish / The Pay's A Lot Better Too / Cup Of Sugar / Shout Lulu / The Anchor / She Can't, He Won't, And They'll Never / Diddleye Day / Little Lamb, Little Lamb / Gila Headwaters / Goodbye Old Friend

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