Groupe Bluegrass US formé par Jerry Garcia en 1973en Californie. Old And In The Way jouait des airs traditionnels tels que le "Pig In A Pen" et des versions bluegrass de chansons Rock comme "Wild Horses" des Rolling Stones ou "Panama Red" de Peter Rowan. Le groupe, sans Jerry Garcia et sans John Kahn, a continué sous le nom de "Old And In The Gray" et a sorti un album en 2002.

Old & in the Way was a one-shot Bluegrass band whose legacy lasted far longer than the band. Led by Grateful Dead member Jerry Garcia, the band also featured David Grisman, Vassar Clements, Peter Rowan, and John Kahn (bass). Garcia formed the band in 1973 as a way to revisit his bluegrass roots and demonstrate his affection for the music. To round out the lineup, he recruited Clements and Kahn as well as Grisman and Rowan, who were both West Coast session musicians who had previously played together in the band Muleskinner. Taking their name from a Grisman composition, Old & in the Way played a handful of gigs, most of them at the Boarding House in San Francisco in October. An album, also called Old & in the Way, was culled from these shows but not released until 1975 on the Grateful Dead's own record label, Rounder. The record combined standards and Rowan originals, which later became standards. Although the album was the only one the lineup released during the 1970s, the members continued to play together in various permutations over the next two decades, and the record continued to sell steadily. The group reunited after Garcia's death in 1995, releasing a second album (actually composed of 1973 recordings), That High Lonesome Sound, in early 1996. A third album of 1973 vintage appeared at the end of 1997.

Talents : Jerry Garcia : Banjo, Vocals - David Grisman : Mandolin, Vocals - Vassar Clements : Fiddle - Peter Rowan : Guitar, Vocals - John Kahn : Bass

Style musical : Traditional Bluegrass, Bluegrass

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1975 LP 12" ROUNDER RX 103 (US) OLD & IN THE WAY - Pig In A Pen / Midnight Moonlight / Old And In The Way / Knockin' On Your Door / The Hobo Song / Panama Red / Wild Horses / Kissimmee Kid / White Dove / Land Of The Navajo
02/1996 CD ACOUSTIC DISC 19 (US) THAT HIGH LONESOME SOUND - Hard Hearted / The Great Pretender / Lost / Catfish John / High Lonesome Sound / Lonesome Fiddle Blues / Love Please Come Home / Wicked Path Of Sin / Uncle Pen / I'm On My Way Back To The Old Home / Lonesome L.A. Cowboy / I Ain't Broke (But I'm Badly Bent) / Orange Blossom Special / Angel Band
11/1997 CD ACOUSTIC DISC 28 (US) BREAKDOWN - LIVE RECORDINGS 1973 - Introduction (Peter ROWAN) / Home Is Where The Heart Is / Down Where The River Bends / On And On / The Hobo Song / Old & In The Way Breakdown / 'Til The End Of The World Rolls 'Round / Panama Red / You'll Find Her Name Written There / Kissimmee Kid / Goin' To The Races / Midnight Moonlight / Working On A Building / Mule Skinner Blues / Pig In A Pen / Drifting Too Far From The Shore / Jerry's Breakdown / Wild Horses / Blue Mule
CD 1 : Home Is Where The Heart Is / Love Please Come Home / Down Where The River Bends / Kissimee Kid / Pig In A Pen / Uncle Pen / Panama Red / Midnight Moonlight / White Dove / Wild Horses / Orange Blossom Special / Old And In The Way / Lonesome Fiddle Blues
CD 2 : On And On / Land Of The Navajo / Catfish John / Til The End Of The World Rolls 'Round / Drifting Too Far From The Shore / I'm Knocking On Your Door / Old And In The Way Breakdown / You'll Find Her Name Written There / Jerry's Breakdown / The Great Pretender / Working On A Building / High Lonesome Sound / Wicked Path Of Sin / Blue Mule

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