Musicien Rhthm 'n' Blues US né William Parker Guidry Jr. à Lake Charles (Louisiane). Bill Paker habitait à Oklahoma City où il a dirigé son propre label, Showboat records. Il est décédé le 11 Mars 2003, à Lake Charles (Louisiane)

US Rhythm 'n' Blues musician born William Parker Guidry Jr. in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Bill Parker lived in Oklahoma City where he ran his own label, Showboat Records. died March 11, 2003 in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Talents : Vocals, Leader, Musician, Drummer, Composer, Producer

Style musical : Rhythm 'n' Blues, Rock 'n' Roll, Zydeco

All Day All Night (1960) (Bill Parker & His Showboat Band featuring Jesse Palmer)

Oink (1962) (Bill Parker & His Orchestra)

SANTA IS ROCKIN' & ROLLIN'  (1966) (Bill Parker & His Orchestra)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



12/1960 SP GOLDBAND G-1109 (US) Freddie Freddie (Bill Parker & His Showboat Band featuring Little Miss Peggy) / Tears Of Love (Bill Parker)
12/1960 SP GOLDBAND G-1110 (US) Bill Parker & His Showboat Band featuring Jesse PALMER - All Day All Night / Deep In My Heart
1962 SP GOLDBAND G-1121 (US) Oink (instr.) (Bill Parker & His Orchestra) / Peggie's Blues (Little Miss Peggie with Bill Parker & His Orchestra)
1962 ? SP GOLDBAND G-1127 (US) Bill Parker & His Showboat Band - Sweet Potato Mash (Part 1) / Sweet Potato Mash (Part 2)
02/1966 SP LOLA LA-101 (US) Bill Parker & His Orchestra - Santa Is Rockin' & Rollin' / Tears Of Love
196? SP JADOR J-112 (US) Gonna Put My Foot Down / I Waited In The Rain
196? SP JADOR J-137 (US) Green Pastures / Woman Was Made For A Man
1971 SP ANLA 119 (US) Terrie & Joy LaRoy with The Bill Parker Show Band - Why I Shed So Many Tears / Without Love What Would Life Be
197? SP ANLA ANL-125 (US) Gonna Put My Foot Down / I Waited In The Rain


1990 CD Optune LP-02611 (US) The Legendary Bill Parker - The Things You Do - Got To Go To Work / A Falling Out / I Know I Am In Love / Was It Me / True Believer / Old Time Blues / The Things You Do / Don't Be Fooled / I Can't Fake It / I'm Gonna Fix Your Wagon
???? CD NOT ON LABEL ‎GR-7840 (US) The Legendary Bill Parker - Gotta Go To Work / Glass Of Lemonade / Need My Woman To Lean On Me / Zydeco Blues / Please Believe In Me / Bird That Don't Fly / Buttie Butt / Ram / Memories Are All I've Got / Drifting / Could Have Told You That / What You Got Going On

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