Groupe Country Rock US formé en 2001 à Greenville (Caroline du Nord) et comprenant les frères Matt et Scott Thomas, le cousin Barry Knox et d'un ami d'enfance Josh McSwain.

Parmalee is a tight-knit Southern country-rock band consisting of brothers Matt Thomas (guitar, Vocals) and Scott Thomas (drums), cousin Barry Knox (bass), and childhood friend Josh McSwain (guitar, keyboards), all of whom grew up together near Greenville, North Carolina. The brothers' father had a local band, and by the time they were teenagers, they were a part of it, gigging as Jerry Thomas & the Thomas Brothers Band, and Knox was recruited aboard as well. When the elder Thomas retired from playing, the brothers and cousin continued as the Thomas Brothers Band, working the local bar circuit, where they often crossed paths with guitarist, keyboardist, and longtime friend McSwain, who was in a successful cover band at the time. McSwain sat in with the Thomas Brothers Band one night in 2001 and the rest, as they say, was history. Rechristened Parmalee, the band meshed bluegrass, traditional country, Southern rock, and blues into a crisp, professional country-rock sound, spurred by solid songwriting and the fact that each member was a multi-instrumentalist. An EP, Daylight, appeared in 2002, followed by a full-length, Inside, in 2004. A second EP, Complicated, arrived in 2008. The band next signed with Stoney Creek Records and released a pair of singles, "Musta Had a Good Time" in 2012 and "Carolina" in 2013. Their first album for Stoney Creek, Feels Like Carolina, was released at the end of 2013.

Talents : Matt Thomas : Guitar, Vocals - Scott Thomas : Drums - Barry Knox : Bass - Josh McSwain : Guitar, Keyboards

Style musical : Country Rock, Contemporary Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10


Singles & EP

12/2002 CD Deep South 422 (US)

Daylight / Meaning / Broken Records / Looking At You / This Way

2003 CD Deep South DS9686 (US) .

Under My Skin / Photograph / Broken Records

2004 CD Deep South dsr0810 (US) .

Broken Records / Photograph / Sun Die


06/2004 CD Deep South 107 (US) Inside - Photograph / Under My Skin / Sun Die / (reprise) / Inside You / Broken Records / Soundtrack / Seven Years / Was It Everything / Wrapped Up / Never Hear A Word / Throwing It All Away
12/2013 CD Stoney Creek SC 76987 (US) Feels Like Carolina - Musta Had A Good Time / Day Drinkin' / Move / Close Your Eyes / Dance / Carolina / Think You Oughta Know That / Back In The Day / My Montgomery / Already Callin' You Mine / I'll Bring The Music / Another Day Gone

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