Chanteur Rock 'n' Roll US, Carl Phillips a enregistré à la fin des années cinquante pour Bobbin et K-Ark Records, deux labels de Saint Louis (Missouri).

US Rock 'n' Roll singer, Carl Phillips recorded at the end of the Fifties for Bobbin and K-Ark Records, two labels of Saint Louis (Missouri).

Talents : Singer

Style musical : Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Traditional Country

Wigwam Willie (1959)

Walkin' Blues (1959)

Set Up Another Drink (1960)

Salty Dog Blues (1960)

Don't Bother Me (1966)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



06/1959 SP BOBBIN 110 (US) Wigwam Willie / Walkin' Blues
01/1960 SP K-ARK 601 (US) Beer Drinkin' Blues / Set Up Another Drink
05/1960 SP K-ARK 607 (US) Salty Dog Blues / Summer Vacation
08/1960 SP K-ARK 601/7 (US) Set Up Another Drink / Salty Dog Blues
12/1960 SP K-ARK 614 (US)

From The Manger To The Cross / I Saw Mother With God Last Night

1963 SP K-ARK 640 (US)

Trapped / One And Ten (with Ray Gore)

1966 SP CUSTOM 134 (US)

When I Come Home / Sure Gettin' Deep In Here

1966 SP YORK ROP 1014 (US)

Don't Bother Me / Let Me Love You One More Time

1966 SP YORK ROP 1016 (US)

Ain't There Something? / I Read You Loud And Clear

1969 SP SPAR 30035 (US)

Such A Short Time (To Forget So Much) / Big Vine Covered House


Vine Covered House / Such A Short Time (To Forget So Much)


You Made A Big Mess Outa Your Life / Drinking Corn Squeezin’s

03/1971 SP HAPPY TIGER HT 578 (US)

My Mind Keeps Going Home / Something To Believe In

1972 SP Parthenon P 004 (US)

Bread For Baby, Wine For Papa, Strings For Mama’s Shoes / Mem’ries For A Dime

19?? SP SCENIC SR 1041 (US)

Impossible Dream / There Won't Be A Next Time

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