Chanteur Rockbilly US originaire d'Atlanta (Georgie), Lewis Pruitt a débuté chez Peach Records en 1958. Il a ensuite signé avec Decca. Déçu de son statut, il va ensuite chez Veejay, Great, Musictown et Cartwheel Records, sans succès. Il fut longtemps le guitariste de Carl Smith.

US Rockbilly singer from Atlanta (Georgia), Lewis Pruitt debuted at Peach Records in 1958. He then signed with Decca. Disappointed with his status, he then went to Veejay, Great, Musictown and Cartwheel Records, without success. He was for a long time the guitarist of Carl Smith.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Rockabilly, Traditional Country, Contemporary Country

Pretty Baby (1958)

I'm In A Daze (1958)

This Little Girl (1958)

Timbrook (1959)

Crazy Bullfrog (1961)


Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



05/1958 SP PEACH 45-703 (US) Pretty Baby / I'm In A Daze
10/1958 SP PEACH 710 (US) This Little Girl / I'll Never Forget You
10/1959 SP PEACH 725 (US)

Timbrook / Yankee Doodle Dixie

01/1960 SP DECCA 31038 (US)

Timbrook / You'll Make A Fool Of Me

06/1960 SP DECCA 31095 (US)

Riches And Gold / Softly And Tenderly (I’ll Hold You In My Arms)

01/1961 SP DECCA 31201 (US) Crazy Bullfrog / The Hand That Held The Hand
08/1961 SP DECCA 31295 (US) This Little Girl / I'll Never Forget You
03/1963 SP VEE JAY VJ 502 (US)

Point Of No Return / Thanks A Lot

1964 SP VEE JAY VJ 601 (US)

The Worst Is Yet To Come / I'd Rather Say Goodbye

01/1968 SP GREAT 1135 (US)

Big Wheel From Boston / I'll Never Take Another Drink Again


We're Going Down Together / If You've Been Better Than I've Been

01/1971 SP Cartwheel A-190 (US)

Both Of Us / Son Of The Rich

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