Chanteur Country US né le 29 Décembre 1932 à Shamrock (Texas), Glenn Reeves a débuté en 1955 chez TNT Records. Puis avant de rejoindre Decca en 1957, puis il passe chez Republic et Atco Records. Il fut disc-Jockey et chanteur sur WPDQ (Jacksonville, Floride) en 1956. Il est décédé le 19 Novembre 1998 à Jacksonville (Floride).

Texas songwriter, singer, DJ, television host, and concert promoter Glenn Reeves' main claim to fame these days is being the first singer to demo Mae Axton and Tommy Durden's “Heartbreak Hotel” in the late 1950s. Reeves' imitated the then-emerging Elvis Presley's vocal style on the demo, and when Presley tracked the song for RCA Victor, he followed Reeves' phrasing note for note, thus imitating Reeves imitating himself: Presley's version of “Heartbreak Hotel” became his first number one hit in 1956. Born December 29, 1932 in northwest Texas, Reeves played trumpet as a child and sang in church choirs. He studied for a time at the University of Houston before serving in the Korean War, and following his military service, got a job as a radio moderator with KCTX in his home state. He also pursued a singing career, and released eight singles total on the TNT, Republic, Atco, Decca, and Envy imprints in the late '50s and early '60s, and also tracked song demos, including “Heartbreak Hotel,” which was never actually released in any form under Reeves' name during his lifetime. None of Reeves' singles found much commercial success, and he began instead to concentrate on his radio and television career, hosting his own variety TV show, The Glenn Reeves Show out of Jacksonville, FL, into the early '60s. He also began working as a show and concert promoter in the Jacksonville area and was extremely successful at it until his death in 1999. Bear Family Records released Reeves' entire recorded output -- all of his singles and demos, some two-dozen tracks in all -- on a single disc under the title Johnny on the Spot: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight in 2011.

Talents : Singer, Guitar, Songwriter, DJ, Television Host, Concert Promoter

Style musical : Traditional Country, Honky Tonk, Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll

I'm Johnny On The Spot (1955)

That'll Be Love (1956)


Drinkin' Wine Spoo-Dee-O-Dee (1956)

Rock-A-Boogie Lou (1958)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000


Singles & EP

03/1955 SP TNT TNT-120 (US) . I'm Johnny On The Spot / The Blues Are Out Tonight
08/1955 SP TNT TNT-129 (US) . I Ain't Got Room To Rock / Wasted Time, Wasted Tears
01/1956 SP REPUBLIC 7121-F (US) . That'll Be Love / That Last Time
10/1956 SP ATCO 45-6080 (US) . Glenn REEVES & His ROCK-BILLYS - Rockin' Country Style / Drinkin' Wine Spoo-Dee-O-Dee
04/1957 SP DECCA 9-30293 (US) .

She Traded Her Pigtails For A "Toni" / I Found A Dream

1957 SP OMEGA 9.61.095 (F) .

She Traded Her Pigtails For A "Toni" / I Found A Dream

11/1957 SP DECCA 9-30481 (US) . My Tortured Heart / Precious Years
03/1958 SP DECCA 9-30589 (US) . Betty Bounce / Rock-A-Boogie Lou
11/1958 SP DECCA 9-30780 (US) . Tarzan / Born To Cry
1967 SP ENVY 12870 (US) .

My Home Town / Today (Is The First Day)

???? EP 88 KEYS 88-K-4-1006 (GER)

Rockin' Glenn Reeves - Betty Bounce / Rockin' Country Style / Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee / Rock-A-Boogie-Lou

2012 SP SLEAZY SR37 (S)

Rock-A-Boogie Lou / Betty's Bounce

Unissued Tracks

1956 ? REPUBLIC unissued - (Cactus CD 5003 (#7) / Encore CD 2098 (#18))

That'll Be Love [alt. vers.]

195? DECCA unissued - (Big Tone CD 5707 (#20) / Encore CD 2098 (#14) / MCA LP 1758 (#20) / MCA (England) LP 3035 (#20) / MCA (France) LP 414 047 (#14))

Rock Around The World

19?? Unissued - (Encore CD 2098 (#10) / MCA (France) LP 414 047 (#10))

He Gotta Way 

19?? Unissued

Heartbreak Hotel

19?? Unissued - (Encore CD 2098 (#9) / MCA (France) LP 414 047 (#9))

Woman Troubles


1978 LP 12" MCA 414 047 (F)

Stars Of The Rock N' Roll Vol. 18 - Terry Noland / Glen Reeves - Terry Noland : Don't Do Me This Way / Patty Baby / Come Marry Me / Oh Baby Look At Me / Let Me Be Your Hero / Puppy Love / Sugar Drop / There Was A Fungus Among Us / Glen REEVES : Woman Troubles / He Gotta Way / Precious Years / Rock-A-Boogie-Lou / Betty Bounce / Rock Around The World / Born To Cry / Tarzan

1999 CD ENCORE CD 2098-2 (UK) ROCKIN' COUNTRY STYLE - I'm Johnny On The Spot / The Blues Are Out / I Ain't Got Time To Rock / Wasted Time, Wasted Years / That'll Be Love / The Last Time / Drinkin' Wine / Rockin' Country Style / Woman Troubles / He Gotta Way / Precious Years / Rock-A-Boogie-Lou / Betty Bounce / Rock Around The World / Born To Cry / Tarzan / My Tortured Heart / That'll Be Love (alt. version)
02/2011 CD BEAR FAMILY BCD 16658 (GER) JOHNNY ON THE SPOT - GONNA SHAKE THIS SHACK TONIGHT - Rock Around The World / I Can't Love You (Like You Want Me To Do) / Rockin' Country Style / Tarzan / I'm Hangin' Around / Precious Years / Born To Cry / Betty's Bounce / Drinkin' Wine Spo Dee O Dee / The Last Time / That'll Be Love / Rock-A-Boogie Lou / She Traded Her Pigtails For A Toni / He Gotta Way / I Found A Dream / Tortured Heart / Woman Trouble / Wasted Time, Wasted Years / I Ain't Got Room To Rock / I'm Johnny On The Spot / The Blues Are Out Tonight / That'll Be Love / Heartbreak Hotel / My Hometown / Today (Is The First Day)

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