Chanteur Country US n Ronald Carson Robinson, le 16 Juillet 1949 Phoenix (Arizona). Ronnie Robbins est le fils de Marty Robbins.

US Country singer born Ronald Carson Robinson, le July 16, 1949 in Phoenix, Arizona. Ronnie Robbins is the son of Marty Robbins.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country, Contemporary Country, Pop Rock

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



09/1968 SP COLUMBIA 4-44641 (US)

Marty ROBBINS Jr. - Big Mouthin' Around / It Finally Happened

04/1973 SP MCA MCA-40055 (US)

True Love's Forgiving / Get Along Little Heartache

09/1973 SP MCA MCA-40142 (US)

Song For Ginny / Too Much Love Between Us

02/1974 SP MCA MCA-40197 (US)

Brand New You,Same Old Me / Broke-Down And Alone

06/1974 SP MCA MCA-40261 (US)

Let The Music Play / If This Is Love

04/1975 SP MCA MCA-40393 (US)

What A Good Night's Love Will Do / Walk Your Kisses

10/1978 SP ARTIC AR 878 R (US)

Last Lie I Told Her / Taste The Wine

01/1979 SP ARTIC AR 8782 (US)

Why'd The Last Tome Have To Be The Best / Where Do I Put Her Memory

10/1979 SP TRC TRC-081 (US)

I Know I'm Not Your Hero Anymore / The I Love You's Get Further Apart

1980 SP TRC TRC-082 (US)

You Don't Cry / ?

07/1984 SP COLUMBIA 38-04506 (US)

Those You Lose / We've Been Lying Here Too Long

10/1985 SP COLUMBIA 38-05690 (US)

It's The Lovers That Give Love A Nad Name / Dynamite Night

03/1986 SP COLUMBIA 38-05871 (US)

Black Check / Dynamite Nights


01/1970 LP 12" COLUMBIA CS-9944 (US)

Columbia Records Presents Marty Robbins Jr. - Big Mouthing Around / That's How It Feels To Walk In My Shoes / The Soil's Too Poor / Love Of The Common People / No One Will Ever Know / Marsha / It Finally Happened / I Can't Quit (I've Gone Too Far) / In The Morning / Mama Tried / I Had My Chance

1981 LP 12" TRC DRP-7774 (US)

Reach For All You Can Get - Reach For All You Can Get / You Don't Cry / Green Blackberries Are Red / Living In A Shadow / The Last Lie I Told Her / Taste The Wine / Virginia On My Mind / Why'd The Last Time Have To Be The Best / Make-Believe Cowboy / Steppin' On The Flowers / Fool In The Mirror / Three-Quarter Time

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