Chanteuse Country US, Carter Robertson fut une des vocalistes de Waylon Jennings et Jessi Colter.

vocalist Carter Robertson is no stranger to the music community, singing on such hits as Waylon's "Are You Ready For the Country", "Come With Me" and "Luckenbach Texas" to name a few. During the outlaw years she backed up Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter both on the road and in the studio. Some of her studio credits include working with James Taylor, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Graham Nash, Don Was, Carter's Chord and many others. In the late 90's she joined back up with old friends to form the Waymore Blues Band which toured and recorded with Waylon and Jessi once again. She continues to work with Jessi and is currently engaged in creating a live show based on a book she has written combined with an album of music. She is passionate about art and is very proud and excited to see her three daughters, Carter's Chord, continue the legacy of great music!

Talents : Vocals

Style musical : Outlaw Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



02/1978 SP ABC AB-12340 (US) You Are Everything (stereo) / You Are Everything (mono)
06/1978 SP ABC AB-12371 (US) Early Morning Smile / Something's Up (Love Me Like The First Time)


1978 LP 12" ABC MUSIC 1052 (US) SHOOT THE MOON - Something's Up (Love Me Like The First Time) / Stuck In Chicago / Tonight I'll Shoot The Moon / You Are Everything / Didn't Wanna Hurt Cha For Another Guy / Shelter / Early Morning Smile / By Your Side / Who Will The Next Fool Be? / I'm Through With You

NEIGHBORHOOD OF SECRETS - Stay A Little Longer / Go Toward The Light / Kerrie Ann / Hand Me Downs / Sims / Another Saturday Night / Summer, Early 60's / Holidays In Hollywood / Pickin' 'em Up / A Night At The Troubadour / Confused / Waylon Years / Couple More Years

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