Chanteur Country US né en 1963 à Clifton (Virginie).

Born in 1963 in Clifton, Virginia, USA. As a child Thompson took an interest in traditional country music, in particular that of Hank Williams, and by the age of 13 he was writing his own songs. While still in junior school, he met bluesman John Jackson, who taught him the basic principles of blues guitar. After leaving school, Thompson tried making it as a musician, recording his independent debut album in Nashville in 1988 but soon thereafter family responsibilities forced him to put his music career on hold. A decade on, and he resumed his occupation, weathering the break-up of his marriage, and dedicating himself to music.
Influenced by traditionally-based artists such as Joe Ely, Lefty Frizzell, Waylon Jennings, Mickey Newbury, Jimmie Rodgers and Williams, Thompson finds genuine emotions in the music he performs. This has helped bring him a strong following among those who seek traditional values in contemporary country music. He writes many of the songs he sings, some of which are distinctly autobiographical but have qualities that strike chords of recognition in his listeners. He released two albums on the Jackpot label in the early 00s. (NB: Not to be confused with the Christian singer of the same name.)

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Traditional Country, Contemporary Country, Pop Rock

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



1988 CD ? (US) IN THE RAIN
01/1998 CD Jackpot 1001 (US)

Wearin' Blue - Some Other Clown / No Time At All / I Was Here, Where Were You / No Future In The Blues / Tell Me The Truth / Wearin' Blue / Watchin' You / One Guitar / Heart Of Stone / Ballad Of John Henry Fortney

02/2004 CD Jackpot 1105 (US)

That's Not Me - The Whole World / Sound Of The Rain / That's Not Me / The Lovin' Shown / Dance Until Dawn / If Love Is What You Want / Unknown Zone / If That Wasn't Love / Only One Way

01/2008 CD Jackpot 3956 (US)

Further On - Don't You See / Songbird / Don't You Remember / Ol' 97 / Riptide / Goin' Down To Lynchburg Town / Molly And Tenbrooks / Leave The Light On / Rocksalt And Nails / Further On

01/2012 CD Jackpot 34664 (US)

Collected - Songbird / Unknown Zone / Don´t You Remember / Goin´ Down To Lynchburg Town / Heart Of Stone / Ol´ 97 / Rocksalt And Nails / You Can´t Talk To Me Like That / Twang This / That´s Not Me / One Guitar / Wearin´ Blue / Sound Of The Rain / Molly And Tenbrooks / Bring On Down The Rain

01/2017 CD Jackpot ? (US)

War Peace Love Fear - Midnight Blue / Better Not Get Me Started / Forever On My Mind / All Good Now / Last Letter Home / What Side Are You On / Someday Soon / Drown In The Mainstream / 33rd Of August

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