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With titles like "Rockin' the Beer Gut" and "In My Next Five Beers," it shouldn't take long to figure out the Nashville-based trio Trailer Choir sing of good times, better whiskey, and the best American nightlife has to offer. With members Crystal, Butter, and Vinny the 400 pound man who is known to dance the worm in the middle of their shows Trailer Choir started out as a cover band, playing everything from the barroom standard "Friends in Low Places" to the disco favorite "I Will Survive." As they began adding original songs to the mix, their audience grew. One night, impressed by their whimsical tunes and energetic stage show, country music superstar Toby Keith introduced himself to the band. A showcase for Keith and his label Show Dog Nashville in the spring of 2007 found Trailer Choir leaving with a signed contract. Then, the band who listed their influences as Garth Brooks, Tammy Wynette, Oprah, Elvis, and the Sonic chain of fast food restaurants began recording their debut album with Keith as producer. They previewed the album in the spring of 2008 with the single "Off the Hillbilly Hook," which was also the title of a six-song EP that appeared in 2009.

Style musical : Contemporary Country

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12/2008 CD SHOW DOG 21 (US)

TOBY KEITH'S Show Dog Nashville Presents Carter's Chord / Mica Roberts / Trailer Choir - - TRAILER CHOIR : Rockin' The Beer Gut / Rollin' Through The Sunshine / In My Next 5 Beers / Carter's Chord : Different Breed / Goodbye Song / When We Get There / Mica ROBERTS : Things A Mama Don't Know / Love In Everything / Tearing Down A Home

06/2009 CD SHOW DOG 25 (US) OFF THE HILLBILLY HOOK - Rockin' The Beer Gut / Rollin' Through The Sunshine / In My Next 5 Beers / What Would You Say / Last Man Standing / Off The Hillbilly Hook
07/2010 CD UNIVERSAL 26702 (US) TAILGATE - Shakin' That Tailgate / Rollin' Through The Sunshine / Can't Drink All Day / Last Man Standing / Homemade Mexico / Wal-Mart Flowers / In My Next 5 Beers / Girls Love To Go Dancin' / Rockin' The Beer Gut / Off The Hillbilly Hook

Rocky Productions 12/07/2010