Trio Country US formé en 1996 par Keith Burns et Ira Dean puis est arrive en 2000 Heidi Newfeld, puis Aubrey Collins en Décembre 2007.

Contemporary country trio Trick Pony drew heavily from the sounds of the '70s, particularly outlaw country and country-rock. The group was formed by guitarist Keith Burns and bassist Ira Dean in 1996; the two had known each other for five years and were both working as sidemen for established artists -- Joe Diffie and Tanya Tucker, respectively. They decided on a two-man, one-woman format in which lead vocals would be shared, and Burns' wife at the time discovered a perfect fit in California-born singer/guitarist/harmonica player Heidi Newfield, who quickly joined the band. Trick Ponyspent several years honing their sound on the Southern club circuit and gradually incorporated more and more original material into their sets. They landed a deal with Warner Brothers in 2000 and issued their self-titled debut the following year. Their first single, "Pour Me," narrowly missed the country Top Ten, and its follow-up, "On a Night Like This," climbed into the Top Five; third single "Just What I Do" was another near-Top Ten. Trick Pony was certified gold within a year of its release, and in 2002 they followed it up with On a Mission, whose title track made the Top 20. R.I.D.E.followed in 2005. Singer/songwriter Aubrey Collins joined the group in 2007.

Talents : Keith : Guitar, Singer - Ira : Bass, Singer - Heidi (2000-2006) : Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica - Aubrey (12/2006) : Lead Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country, Contemporary Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



10/2000 SP WARNER BROS. 7-16816 (US) . Pour Me (album version) / If You Think You've Got Trouble (album version)
10/2000 CD WARNER BROS. 9 16816-2 (US)

Pour Me (album version) / If You Think You've Got Trouble (album version)

04/2001 SP WARNER BROS. 7-16751 (US) . On A Night Like This (single remix) / Pour Me (acoustic version)
04/2001 CD WARNER BROS. 9 16751-2 (US)

On A Night Like This (single remix) / Pour Me (acoustic version)

04/2001 CD WARNER BROS. PRO-CDR-100622 (US) (promo) On A Night Like This (single remix)
2001 CD WARNER BROS. PROCD 100751 (US) (promo)

Every Other Memory


03/2001 CD WARNER BROS. 9 47927-2 (US) TRICK PONY - Pour Me / Party Of One / Big River / Every Other Memory / More Like Me / Just What I Do / Stay In This Moment / On A Night Like This / One In A Row / Now Would Be The Time / Can't Say That On The Radio / Spent / Not Hidden Track
11/2002 CD WARNER BROS. 9 48236-2 (US) ON A MISSION - On A Mission / Nobody Ever Died Of A Broken Heart / I'm Not Thinkin' Straight Anymore / Love Is A Ball / Love Be Still / A Boy Like You / Hillbilly Blues / Leavin' Seems To Be The Goin' Thing / Rain / Whiskey River (with Willie NELSON) / The Devil And Me / Fast Horse
06/2005 CD CURB D2-78864 (US) R.I.D.E. - Ain't Wastin' Good Whiskey On You / What's Not To Love / It's A Heartache / When I Fall / I Didn't / The Bride / Sad City / Stand In The Middle Of Texas / Senorita / Hillbilly Rich / Once A Cowboy / Cry Cry Cry / I Can Live With That / Maryann's Song
04/2009 CD WARNER BROS. 518779 (US) THE BEST OF TRICK PONY - Spent / A Boy Like You / On A Night Like This / Pour Me / Party Of One / On A Mission / Every Other Memory / More Like Me / Whiskey River (with Willie NELSON) / Just What I Do

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