Chanteur Country Ausralien né Harry Taylor, le 5 Septembre 1918 à Newton (New South Wales). Connu sous le surnom de "The Yodeling Jackaroo", Buddy Williams fut le premier Australien à enregistrer de la Country Music trois ans après le Néo-Zélandais Tex Morton. Il est décédé le 12 Décembre 1986 à Brisbane (Queensland).

Born Harry Taylor, 5 September 1918, Newtown suburb, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, d. 12 December 1986. A major pioneer of Australian country music, as a child Williams never knew his parents and was placed in an orphanage, where he soon became a nuisance to the authorities by his attempts to escape. Fostered out to a farming couple in Dorrigo, he found he was treated more as an unpaid worker than as an adopted son. He heard recordings of Jimmie Rodgers when visiting neighbours and was immediately captivated by the music. When 15 years old, he ran away and did a series of labouring jobs. He had learned to play guitar and, while working in a quarry at Coffs Harbour, was dared to sing on the streets and was amazed at the amount of money he received. In 1936, he made a successful appearance at the Jacaranda Festival and as Buddy Williams, he continued to earn his living busking around the country, spending some time at Newcastle, before heading for Sydney.
On 7 September 1939, singing six of his own songs, he made his first historic recordings for Regal Zonophone Records (who later became EMI Records), he became the first Australian-born solo country recording artist (Tex Tex Morton recorded in 1936 but he was a New Zealander). Later stating that he gained inspiration from Goebel Reeves and Jimmie Rodgers, he continued busking but soon gained radio exposure, where he built a reputation with his ballads and yodels. He made further recordings on 14 May 1940, including his well-known ‘Australian Bushman’s Yodel’ and ‘Happy Jackeroo’. He ran a sawmill in Walcha, supplying hardwood to the army, before enlisting for military service himself. He served as a Bren gunner and in spite of his army commitments, he recorded 30 sides during his period of war service. In 1941, he made two recordings with first wife Bernie Burnett (they were later divorced) and two more in 1943, including ‘Stockmen In Uniform’. In March 1945, he recorded five songs including ‘Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along’ with Lenore Miller, who later achieved success as folk singer Lenore Somerset in the 60s. A few weeks before the end of the war in 1945, he was seriously wounded while serving in Borneo, and defied medical predictions by recovering.
In 1946, he recorded his noted ‘The Overlander Trail’ and made a film appearance. He married Grace Maidman in Brisbane on 31 January 1947, and the two formed and ran rodeo tent shows, which featured a variety of acts, including noted rodeo performers, clowns and magicians. Williams naturally sang and also did trick shooting and showed his skill with a bullwhip (sadly, in 1949, their first child Donita, then aged 21 months, tragically died in Tasmania, when she was accidentally run over by a truck driven by one of the rodeo riders in Williams’ show). From the late 40s throughout the 50s, he continued to tour with his show and to record regularly. The rodeo side of the show was eventually dropped and it became a Country and Western Variety Show. His recordings were generally of Australian songs, many of his own writing, but some cover versions of American hits were made, including his very successful 1953 recording of ‘Missing In Action’. Between 1958 and 1964, he recorded almost 60 sides and he was one of the last Australian artists to forsake just a solo guitar and use a backing group. In 1965, he changed labels to RCA Records. It was around this time that he was joined both on his recordings and on stage by his son Harold George (b. 23 June 1948, Rylstone, New South Wales, Australia) and daughter Kaye Elizabeth (b. 31 January 1950, Ivanoe, Victoria, Australia). Together they recorded a series of albums. In 1972, youngest daughter Karen Williams (b. Karen Anne Williams, 20 May 1957, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) also became part of the Williams Family Show. In 1972, he toured in company with another pioneer, Tex Morton.
In 1977 and 1978, Williams suffered heart attacks, which forced him to stop touring personally, but the Williams show continued. In 1977, he became the second artist (after Morton) to be elected to the newly created Country Music Roll of Renown (Australia’s equivalent to Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame). In 1979, RCA presented him with a gold-plated map of Australia to celebrate his 40 years of recording country music - one of the many awards that he has received. He has written many songs and three of them, namely ‘Where The White Faced Cattle Roam’, ‘Heading For The Warwick Rodeo’ and ‘Music In My Pony’s Feet’, are included in Australia’s 50 most popular country songs. His albums include a tribute to Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams, and one also features songs written by Shorty Ranger, who penned Williams’ hit ‘The Big Banana Land’. In 1979, Williams featured in a documentary called The Last Fair Dinkum Aussie Outback Entertainer. There is little doubt that he has been a major inspiration for many Australian artists, and experts on the genre rate some of the recordings that he made between 1942 and 1946 among the best examples of Australian country. Harold Williams went on to record in his own right, even recording the album Buddy Williams Jnr Sings. He later did solo work and in 1982, with Lindsay Butler, also formed the Tamworth Country Show Band. Kaye Williams also recorded in her own right, being joined by her father for two tracks on her albumJust Between The Two Of Us.  

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Traditional Country

That Dapple Grey Broncho Of Mine (1939)


The Death Of Hank Williams (1959)

The Kelly Gang (1960)


Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10


78 t., Singles & EP

1939 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G23854 (AUS) .

That Dapple Grey Broncho Of Mine / They Call Me The Rambling Yodeler

1940 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G24027 (AUS) .

Under The Old Wattle Tree / The Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough For Me

1940 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G24028 (AUS) .

There's An Empty Bunk In The Bunkhouse  / The Australian Bushman's Yodel

1941 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G24382 (AUS) .

Headin' For The Warwick Rodeo / Can A Black Sheep Be Forgiven?

1941 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G24409 (AUS) .

The Crepe On The Little Cabin Door / Maple On The Hill

11/1941 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G24506 (AUS) .

The Dying Soldier's Prayer / I'll Be Back Never Fear

1942 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G24596 (AUS) .

Where The White Face Cattle Roam / What A Pal My Mother Might Have Been

1944 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G24822 (AUS) .

Music In My Pony's Feet / Where The Roly Poly Grass Rolls O'er The Plain

1945 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G24929 (AUS) .

Brown- Eyed Sweetheart Of Mine / The Bushman's Rodeo

1946 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G25052 (AUS) .

Overlander Trail / Over Hilltop And Hollow

1946 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G25069 (AUS) .

The Mountain Barbecue / Riding Down The Valley

1950 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G25284 (AUS) .

Dear Old Aussie Blues / Beneath The Queensland Moon

1950 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G25286 (AUS) .

Riding Down The Wallaby Trail / Always Call Me Darling

1952 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G25323 (AUS) .

The Flying Doctor / A Mother As Lovely As You

1955 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G25417 (AUS) .

Away Out On The Plain / Ben Hall, The Bushranger

1956 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G25461 (AUS) .

Little Red Bonnet / Kings Cross Boogie

1956 78 t. REGAL ZONOPHONE G25464 (AUS) .

Mummy Didn't Tuck Me Into Bed Last Night / Lest We Forget

10/1958 SP COLUMBIA 45-DO 3987 (AUS) .

Flynn Of The Island / My Dream Of Hank And Jimmie

1959 SP COLUMBIA 45-DO 3988 (AUS) .

I'll Stroll Down Memory Lane With You / Don't Forget Me, Little Darlin'

02/1959 SP COLUMBIA 45-DO 3989 (AUS) .

The Prisoner's Song / On An Ocean Of Broken Dreams

03/1959 SP COLUMBIA 45-DO 3990 (AUS) .

In The Doghouse / The Bow-Legged Stockman

1959 SP COLUMBIA DO 4076 (AUS) .

Missing In Action / The Death Of Hank Williams

1959 SP COLUMBIA 45-DO 4105 (AUS) .

Rockin' Alone In An Old Rockin' Chair / The Rhythm Of The Round-Up

1960 SP COLUMBIA DO 4106 (AUS) .

Polling Day / Dave Sands

07/1960 SP COLUMBIA 45-DO 4133 (AUS) .

Anybody's Lover / The Nightmare

1960 SP COLUMBIA 45-DO 4134 (AUS) .

Christmas Blues / What's The Use

08/1960 SP COLUMBIA 45-DO 4135 (AUS) . The Snowy Mountains / Ten Years
1960 SP COLUMBIA DO 4160 (AUS) . Under Western Skies / When The Cactus Is In Bloom
1960 SP COLUMBIA DO 4161 (AUS) .

The Panther / The Spice Of Life

1960 SP COLUMBIA DO 4162 (AUS) .

Roley / My Sleepy Valley Home

1960 SP COLUMBIA DO 4163 (AUS) .

Crazy / Mother Went A-Walking

1960 EP COLUMBIA SEGO-70047 (AUS) The Kelly Gang - The Black Sheep's Return To The Fold / The Kelly Gang / Mareeba Rodeo / Poisoned Darts
1963 SP COLUMBIA DO-4381 (AUS) .

Please Light The Darkness For Me / I've Forgotten How To Cry

1963 SP COLUMBIA DO-4382 (AUS) .

When Jesus Calls / The Cross Of Jesus

1963 SP COLUMBIA DO-4383 (AUS) .

Snow On The Mountain / Back To Alice Springs

1963 SP COLUMBIA DO-4384 (AUS) .

Rockin' Cowboy / True Friends Are So Few

1964 SP COLUMBIA DO-4462 (AUS) .

Pal Of My Heart / Way Up North

1964 SP COLUMBIA DO-4463 (AUS) .

Buddy Williams & The Overlanders - I'm Moving Out / Pretty Girl

1964 SP COLUMBIA DO-4464 (AUS) .

I've Been Around / A Letter To Slim

1965 SP RCA 101597 (AUS) .

Wild River / This Particular Baby

1965 SP RCA 101604 (AUS) .

Chapel Bells / We're Both Sorry Now (Kay & Buddy Williams)

1965 SP RCA 101605 (AUS) .

That Old Gum Tree / Diamond

1966 SP RCA 101682 (AUS) .

Buddy Williams & The Overlanders - Lofty / My Wildflower State

1966 SP RCA 101724 (AUS) . Buddy Williams & The Overlanders - Les Dingo / Lucky Horseshoe
1966 EP RCA 20390 (AUS) Buddy Williams & The Overlanders - Cattle Train - Cattle Train / My Homestead In The Pines / Jim / How Unlucky Can You Be
05/1968 EP RCA 20470 (AUS)

Buddy Williams & The Overlanders - The Old North Queensland Line - Ridin' That Old North  Queensland Line / That's My Country / Suzanna From Kiama / It's All Over Town

1969 SP RCA 101855 (AUS) .

Buddy Williams with The Overlanders - The Big Banana Land / Who Can Make A Flower

05/1969 SP RCA 101857 (AUS) .

Buddy Williams & The Overlanders - The Sounds Of The Bush At Night / The Sad Eyed Zebu Steer

1972 SP RCA 102097 (AUS) . Buddy Williams & The Overlanders - Back O'Bourke / The Spider From Gwydir
1974 SP RCA 102399 (AUS) .

Mighty Moonbi Range / Buddy Williams At The Opera House

10/1981 SP EMI EMI-601 (AUS) .

Headin' For The Warwick Rodeo / The Bushmen's Rodeo


1963 10 LP 12" Reader's Digest ‎RDS-26 (AUS) Country & Western Music Jamboree :
DISC 1 : All-Time Country Hits : Bobby SYKES : Oh Lonesome Me / Fraulein / I Can't Stop Lovin' You / Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) / Born To Lose / Mollie Darling / Lee MILES & Bobby SYKES : Nobody's Business / A Dear John Letter / Why Baby, Why / Broken Down, Merry-Go-Round / Slipping Around / I'll Never Be Free
DISC 2 : Songs Of The West : The CATTLEMEN : Ridin' Down The Canyon / Jack O' Diamonds / Cowboy Jack / Medley : Cheyenne - Pony Boy - San Antonio / A Cowboy's Dream / When The Work's All Done This Fall / Whoopee Ti Yi Yo / Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle / Streets Of Laredo / Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie / Old Paint / There's An Empty Cot In The Bunkhouse Tonight
DISC 3 : Songs Of Inspiration : The OLD VILLAGE CHOIR : I'll Meet You In The Morning / The Old Rugged Cross / Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere / Precious Memories / Will The Circle Be Unbroken / Sweet By And By / What A Friend We Have In Jesus / Near The Cross / Love Lifted Me / Beyond The Sunset / God Will Take Care Of You / Work For The Night Is Coming
DISC 4 : Timeless Folk Favorites : Paul CLAYTON : John Henry / The Rovin' Gambler / Johnny's Gone To Hilo / Old Blue's Last Hunt / Jesse James (I Don't Know Where My Jesse's Gone) / In The Pines / The Minstrel Boy / The Fox / He's Gone Away / The Riddle Song / Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair / Mollie Malone
DISC 5 : Songs Of Jimmie Rodgers And Hank Williams - Jimmie Rodgers Songs :  Gene MARTIN : Roll Along Kentucky Moon / Texas For Me / Miss The Mississippi And You / Mule Skinner Blues / The Brakeman's Blues / Waiting For A Train / Hank Williams Songs : George McCORMICK : Lovesick Blues / Jamabalaya / I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry / Hey, Good Lookin' / Lonesome Whistle / Half As Much
DISC 6 : Blue-Grass Square Dance : Harold MORRISON & The MAPLE HILL BOYS : Soldier's Joy / Sally Goodin / Mississippi Sawyer / Arkansas Traveller / Old Joe Clark / Turkey In The Straw / Little Maggie / All The Good Times Are Past And Gone / New River Train / Maple On The Hill / Uncle Pen / Footprints In The Snow
DISC 7 : Treasured Folk Music : Gene MARTIN : Birmingham Jail / San Antonio Rose / Wabash Cannon Ball / The Wreck Of The Old 97 / Curly Headed Baby / Frankie & Johnny / The OLD VILLAGE CHOIR : Rock Of Ages / Whispering Hope / Every Time I Feel The Spirit / In The Garden / Blessed Assurance / Peace In The Valley
DISC 8 : Songs That Have Won Their Spurs : Bobby SYKES : Your Cheatin' Heart / I Love You So Much It Hurts / Anytime / Cold, Cold Heart / You Are My Sunshine / Tennessee Waltz / Bobby SYKES & Lou DARNELL : Mockin' Bird Hill / Bouquet Of Roses / On Top Of Old Smoky / In The Jailhouse Now / Bonaparte's Retreat / Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
DISC 9 : Songs Of The Australian Outback : Buddy Williams & The Overlanders : Where The White Faced Cattle Roam / Beautiful Queensland / When The Rain Tumbles Down In July / The Pub With No Beer / Game As Ned Kelly / Les Dingo / Lofty / Mandrake / Sweeney / Little Boy Lost / My Pal Alcohol / Billy Brink The Shearer
DISC 10 : Australian Folk Songs : William Clauson : All Among The Wool, Boys / The Old Keg Of Rum / The Tale Of Bluey Brink / The Ballad Of John Doolan (Or The Wild Colonial Boy) / Jog Along Till Shearing / They've All Got A Mate But Me / Dennis O'Rielly / Early In The Morning (Or The Mustering Song) / Eureka Lead / The Devil's Match / The Bullocky Song / The Old Bullock Dray / Euabalong Ball
1973 LP 12" RCA Camden CAMS-186 (AUS)

The Big Banana Land - The Big Banana Land / Jacaranda Blue / The Toy Telephone / The Buggy And Pair / Sugar Cane Country / Who Can Make A Flower / The Little Banana Boy / The Echo Mountain Song / White Backed Swallows / The Blue Mountains Of The Macleay / The Old South Wind / The Hills Of Old Hickey's

1973 LP 12" RCA Camden VCMI-0037 (AUS)

Headin' For The Warwick Rodeo - Buddy Williams & The Overlanders - Headin' For The Warwick Rodeo / The Shearer's Goodbye / The Maple On The Hill / I'll Be Back Never Fear / The Dying Soldier's Prayer / Happy Cowboys / I've Mortgaged The Farm Again / The Old Sundowner / My Sunny Southern Home / There's An Empty Bunk In The Bunk House / Under The Old Wattle Tree / Away Out On The Plain

1974 LP 12" RCA VICTOR SP-149-G (AUS)

35 Wonderful Years - That Dapple Grey Bronco Of Mine / The Newsboy's Message / Headin' For The Warwick Rodeo / Sunny Australian Sweetheart / Bushland Paradise / Over Hilltop And Hollow / The Snowy Mountains / I've Been Around / Where The White Faced Cattle Roam / The Train Driver's Song / The Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough For Me / Jacaranda Blue / The Land Where Whitey's Gone / The Mighty Moonbi Range / The Condamine Bell / The Happiest Days Of My Life

1981 LP 12" RCA Rockaway ‎DPL-607 (AUS)

Make Yourself At Home - Make Yourself At Home / The House On The Hill / Hittin' The Road Again / The Happiest Days Of My Life / Let's Grow Old Together / Where All The White Faced Cattle Roam / The Condamine Bell / The Hills Around My Home / The Chicken's Last Walk To The Woodheap / Tornado Tim The Truckie / Without Friends (What A Dreary Old World It Would Be) / Wonder Valley / Country Touch / Getting Away From It All / The Lord Only Knows / I've Held An Angel's Hand / My Desert Rose / Just A Name On The Wall / You Can Have It

1991 CD Axis 701692-2 (AUS)

Under Western Skies - Under Western Skies / The Spice Of Life / Roley / I Went Home To Mother / Teardrops / Journey's End / Rocking Cowboy / True Friends Are So Few / My Sleepy Valley Home / Please Light The Darkness For Me / I've Forgotten How To Cry / Snow On The Mountain / Back To Alice Springs / When Jesus Calls / The Cross Of Jesus / Way Up North / Pal Of My Heart / I'm Moving Out / Pretty Girl / I've Been Around / A Letter To Slim

1997 CD BMG 74321454892 (AUS)

The Bush Balladeer - Wingie The Railway Cop / Over The Hilltop & The Hollow / Wild River / The Overlander Trail / The Big Banana Land / Cattle Train / Les Dingo / The Sounds Of The Bush At Night / Sugar Cane Country / The Old Fashioned Homestead / That's Me Game / Stock Mates / When The Brumbies Come To Water / Chilly Chilly Winds / The Condomine Bell / The Tall End Of A Spree / He'll Be Shearing In A Week / Camooweal / Back To The Rolling Plains / Dingo / Fading Fast Away / By A Fire Of Gidgee Coal / Where The White Faced Cattle Roam / The Happiest Days Of My Life

11/1999 CD Larrikin 21 (AUS)

Happiest Days of My Life - Old Fashioned Homestead / Buddy Williams At The Opera House / Mighty Moonlee Range / Letter Edged In Black / You'll Only Have One Mother / Trial Bay Gaol / Happiest Days Of My Life / My Desert Rose / It's Amazing / Somebody's Mother / Don't Go Away / Ballad Of The Blue Mountains

06/2006 CD BACM CD D 155 (UK)

Down The Old Bush - My Sunny Southern Home / The Stockman And The Outlaw / Give A Little Credit To Your Dad / Down The Old Bush Track / The Chicken Song / Eureka (The Stockade Song) / My Pretty Quadroon / The Ring / Maple On The Hill / There's An Empty Bunk In The Bunkhouse / The Bushman's Rodeo / The Face On The Bar Room Floor / I Can't Stand Sitting In A Cell / Can A Black Sheep Be Forgiven / I Can't Forget My Memories / I'm Gonna Tear Down The Mailbox / My Darling River Rose / Somebody's Stolen My Honey / Pentridge Jail / I Love You A Thousand Ways / Blue Since You've Been Gone / A Mother Lovely As You

07/2011 2 CD Warner Music 5249866442 (UK)

Last Outback Entertainer :
CD 1 : Give a Little Credit to Your Dad / The Orphan's Lament / Dreamin' Of My Mother / There's An Empty Bunk In The Bunkhouse / The Newsboy's Message / Can A Black Sheep Be Forgiven / Maple On The Hill / The Face On The Bar Room Floor / What A Pal My Mother Might Have Been / My Pretty Quadroon / A Mother's Plea / The Bushman's Rodeo / Riding Down The Valley / The Mountain Barbeque / The Orphan Boy And His Dog
CD 2 : Always Call Me Darling / My Darling River Rose / Wedding Bells / The Black Sheep / I'm Gonna Tear Down The Mailbox / Beyond The Setting Sun / A Mother As Lovely As You / Too Many Parties Too Many Pals / I Can't Stand Sitting In A Cell / Gambling Polka Dot Blues / My Mother Must Have Been A Girl Like You / I Love You A Thousand Ways / Somebody's Stolen My Honey / Blue Since You've Been Gone / Death Of Hank Williams
CD 3 : Dear Old Dorrigo / Spirit Of Progress / The Kelly Gang / The Flying Doctor / Rhythm In The Saddle / Riding Home At Sundown / The Drover's Song / Freight Train Blues / The Swagman's Friend / Australia's Kitty Grill / Christmas Bells / Music In My Pony's Feet / The Old Sundowner / Bushland Paradise / Pioneering Days

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