& His

(Hank Thompson)

Well I walked right out and didnít say goodbye
I left you here to root hog or die
Iím crawling back to arbitrate
Take me back if Iím not too late

I couldnít blame you if you turned me down
You treat me like a common hound
I love you babe let me negotiate
Take me back if Iím not too late

I did a lot of drinking and then a lot of thinking
The way I treated you was a crime
And though my head was swimming all the other women
I couldnít get you off my mind

I failed so bad I hang my head in shame
Go ahead and call me a dirty name
One more chance and Iíll play it straight
Take me back if Iím not too late


Oo-we-oo-we baby itís not too late
Ooo-oo-we baby youíre my date
Ooo-ooo-we baby wonít you wait
Ooo-ooo-we baby youíre my date

Iíve a crazy notion
To jump right in the ocean
If you decide to turn me down

I know that you are bitter
But wonít you reconsider
And let me hang around

I know I donít deserve your sympathy
Iíve been about as wrong as wrong as can be

But donít tell me to go catch a freight
Take me back if Iím not too late