Chanteur Country US né Howard Elton Hausey, le 25 Décembre 1925 à Minden (Louisiane). Howard Crockett est mort le 27 Décembre 1994 à Fort Worth (Texas).

Howard Crockett was born Howard Elton Hausey on Christmas Day of 1925 in northern Louisiana. As a child, Howard showed promise as a baseball player and was even scouted by professional teams, but an arm injury cut his career short. Following a spell in the Navy, Crockett began pursuing a musical career, writing songs. His career kicked into gear when he attended the Louisiana Hayride around 1956, where he met Johnny Horton. The singer took a liking to Howard's original "Honky Tonk Man," purchasing a third of the rights from Howard, with another third going to Horton's manager, Tillman Franks, and then Horton recorded the song, having a major hit with the tune and helping establish the tune as a country standard. (According to the liner notes by Claes Håken Olofsson, Bo Berglind, and Colin Escott for Bear Family's 2007's set Out of Bounds, Crockett also claims to have written "One Woman Man," but Franks states he wrote it with Horton.)
Following the success of "Honky Tonk Man," Howard Hausey relocated to Fort Worth, TX, and he began playing on the local Dallas show The Big D Jamboree, while Horton continued to cut some of his songs. Mac Wiseman then signed Howard to Dot Records, encouraging the singer to adopt Crockett as a surname. Crockett's first single for Dot, "If You'll Let Me"/"You've Got Me Lyin'," featured pianist Floyd Cramer, guitarist Chet Atkins, and the Jordanaires as supporting vocalists, and appeared in 1957. The next year, "Branded"/"Night Rider" was released. During the late '50s, Crockett regularly played the Louisiana Hayride with his band the Night Riders, while continuing to write for Horton, giving him such tunes as "All Grown Up" and "Whispering Pines."
Sometime in 1958, Dot dropped Crockett and he moved to the local Fort Worth imprint Manco, in 1959 releasing "Sleufoot the Bear," a song that Horton cut the next year as "Slew Foot." Two more singles followed for Manco in the next year, then in 1961 he signed with Smash, where he released three singles, all to no success. Crockett then moved to Motown's country subsidiary, Mel-O-Dy, where he released sides that emphasized his Vocals similarities to Johnny Cash, but these too did not garner much attention. As the '60s gave way to the '70s, Crockett's career continued to stall — partially due to his own resistance to cut deals (according to the Bear Family liner notes, he refused to deal with Hanna-Barbera in adapting his song "The Story of Bango" into a TV series), and partially due to bad breaks. He faded into the local Texas scene in the '70s, retiring from the music business. He died on December 27, 1994, from cancer.

Talents : Vocals

Style musical : Honky Tonk, Rockabilly, Traditional Country


BRANDED (1958)



Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Singles & EP

06/1957 SP DOT 45-15593 (US) . If You'll Let Me / You've Got Me Lyin'
03/1958 SP DOT 45-15701 (US) . Night Rider / Branded
06/1958 SP SOLAR 500 (US) . Howard CROCKETT & The PLAINS MEN - Trudy Brown / Seven Cards From Now
01/1959 SP HAMILTON 50024 (US) . I Love This Girl / Seven Cards From Now
1959 SP ROSINA 149 (US) . Seven Cards From Now / Honky Tonk Man
1959 EP DIXIE 538 (US) ? / ? / ? / I Ain't Never (?) / Johnny Reb (Howard CROCKETT) / I Got Stripes (Howard CROCKETT)
06/1960 SP MANCO ML-1002 (US) . Sluefoot The Bear / Polly Ann
01/1961 SP MANCO ML-1012 (US) . Streamboat Bill / That Old Jukebox
1961 SP MANCO ML-1023 (US) . Just A Poor Man / I've Got You Married, Too
11/1961 SP SMASH S-1721 (US) . Deep Elm Dave / Going Down To Soldiers
04/1962 SP SMASH S-1750 (US) . Out Of Bounds Again / Break Away Billy Boy
10/1962 SP SMASH S-1782 (US) . Jessie And The Glendale Train / Trail Of Tears
12/1963 SP MEL-O-DY M-109 (US) . That Silver-Haired Daddy Daddy Of Mine / Big Wheel
04/1964 SP MEL-O-DY M-111 (US) . I've Been A Long Time Leaving / Bringing In The Gold
09/1964 SP MEL-O-DY M-115 (US) . My Lil's Run Off / Spanish Lace & Memories
12/1964 SP MEL-O-DY M-119 (US) . The Miles / Put Me In Your Pocket
04/1965 SP MEL-O-DY M-121 (US) . The Great Titanic / All The Good Times Are Gone
1965 SP BROWNFIELD BF 26 (US) . If Someone Must Go / The Times
1966 SP BROWNFIELD BF 32 (US) . Green Green Fire / The High Roller
1966 SP STAR-GO SG 100 (US) . I Can't Cry The Same Tears Twice / To Be Remembered By You
1966 SP SOFT S 777 (US) . Honky Tonk Man / That Old Jukebox
10/1967 SP STOP ST-128 (US) . It's Hard To Hang On To What / I Can't Cry The Same Old Tears Twice
12/1967 SP STOP ST-136 (US) . Big Cat / You Messing Up My Mind
04/1968 SP STOP ST-172 (US) . Big Day / You Can't Get Around To 'Em All
09/1968 SP STOP ST-210 (US) . Soap And Water / A Man With No Face
12/1968 SP STOP ST-238 (US) . Where Were You (When The Lights Went Out) / The Story Of Bango
02/1969 SP STOP ST-250 (US) . Ask Little Brother / Law Says
1970 SP CHARAY C-23 (US) . Strike A Match / That Old Jukebox
08/1970 SP CHARAY C-23 (US) . What Is Truth With The Word / Star
1970 SP CHARAY C-23 (US) . Cross Eyed Mary / Strike A Match
1970 SP CHARAY C-23 (US) . Star / Cross-Eyed Mary
1970 SP CHARAY C-23 (US) . That Old Jukebox / Cross Eyed Mary
1970 SP CHARAY C-23 (US) . Right Words / Strike A Match
1970 SP CHARAY C-23 (US) . Friendly Man / Strike A Match
1970 SP HAPPY TIGER 549 (US) . Star / Word
1970 SP BLACKFOOT 01/02 (US) . Hit And Run Years / Whispering Pines
1971 SP BLACKFOOT 004 (US) . Battle Of New Orleans / Bonnie Tree
1971 SP BLACKFOOT CL-101 (US) . Soap And Water / The Law And Me
1971 SP BLACKFOOT CL-102 (US) . Wine-O From Chicago / Woman On My Mind
1973 SP AMERICA 3112 (US) . Last Will And Testimony (Of A Drinking Man) / The House Where Momma Lived
197? SP AMERICA AM 7000 (US) .

Town Drunk / The Story Of Bango

03/1973 SP DOT DOA-17457 (US) . Last Will And Testimony (Of A Drinking Man) / The House Where Momma Lived
10/1973 SP DOT DOA-17482 (US) . I Feel More Like Myself Than I Did A While Ago / I'd Like To Be Everybody For Just One Day
06/1974 SP DOT DOA-17509 (US) . Pictures And Memories / The Calling
1975 SP TEXAS INT. 101 (US) . The Battle Of New Orleans / Anywhere The Lovelight Shines
1976 SP TEXAS INT. 104 (US) . My Day In Court (I Hate Dogs) / I Make It All Up To You
1976 SP TEXAS INT. 105 (US) . Old Half And Half / Only The Bad Things
1977 SP TEXAS INT. TIR-106 (US) . That Old Jukebox / Sour Mash Whiskey And Red Texas
08/1977 SP OAKRIDGE ? (US) . Bonnie Tree / You Can't Get Around To 'Em All Jack
1978 SP TEXAS INT. 107 (US) . Cheatin' Is Such A Common Thing / Touchin' Kind Of Love
1980 SP TITANIC 80-121 (US) . Howard CROCKETT & Julius CURB - Titanic / Elvira
1990 SP NEON FIRE 27695 (US) . Make Me Understand / Sunday Morning


1966 LP 12" BROWNFIELD BFLP-1001 (US) THE MANY MOODS OF THE MYSTERIOUS HOWARD CROCKETT - Tall Man / Count The Many Ways / All For The Love Of A Girl / Folsom Prison Blues / Honky-Tonk Man / Gonna Find Me A Bluebird / I'd Like To Be Everybody For Just One Day / All Grown Up / Am I Losing You / Ring Of Fire / Slue-Foot / Mr. Heartache / If Someone Must Go / The Times / Green, Green Fire / High Roller
1970 LP 12" CHARAY 1001 (US) HOWARD CROCKETT - Anywhere The Lovelight Shines / The Battle Of New Orleans / I Can't Cry The Same Tears Twice / Man With No Face / Titanic / Where Were You / Whispering Pines / Hit And Run Years / Friendly Man / Right Words
1976 LP 12" TEXAS INT. LP-103 (US) SOUR MASH WHISKEY AND RED TEXAS WINE - My Day In Court (I Hate Dogs) / Marriage Made In Heaven (Divorce Made In Hell) / Sour Mash Whiskey And Red Texas Wine / Some Monday Morning / Girl Next Door / Sleu-Foot / Like My Old Man (Before Me) / Traveling With My Mind / I Saw The Light / Mathilda / Will The Circle Be Unbroken
1977 LP 12" CCL 1143 (NL) ROCKIN' ROLLIN' CROCKETT FROM THE LONE STAR STATE - Cross Eyed Mary; Your Messing Up My Mind; I Love This Girl; Wine-O From Chicago; The Great Titanic; If Somebody Must Go; Branded; Night Rider; Honky Tonk Man; Slufoot The Bear; Steamboat Bill; Strike A Match; Soap And Water; Woman On Mind; That Old Jukebox; Man With No Face
1990 CD NEON FIRE NFCD-9002 (US) THE LEGEND - MR. HONKY TONK MAN - I Feel More Like Myself / Make Me Undestand / Love Thy Neighbor / Last Will And Testimony Of A Drinking Man / Honky Tonk Man / Bad Years For Losers / Sunday Morning / When I Grow Too Old / Nine Miles Of Bad Road / Daddy Poured The Wine / You Can't Get Around 'Em All / Honey I Got A Feelin' / Cajun Fever / Big Day / I Wanna Go Back / Mountain
1995 CD BEST BBR-01 (SWE) MR. HONKY TONK MAN SINGS MY LIL'S RUN OFF - You've Got Me Lyin' / If You'll Tell Me / Branded / Night Rider / I Love This Girl / Steamboat Bill / Deep Elm Dave / Going Down To Soldiers / Out Of Bounds Again / Break Away Billy Boy / Jesse And The Glendale Train / Trail Of Tears / My Lil's Run Off / Natural Man / Country Teaching / Love Ain't Straight / I'll Take You To The Mountain / Love Your Sins Away / Forever And A Day
11/2007 CD BEAR FAMILY BCD 16794 (GER) OUT OF BOUNDS - Break Away Billy Boy / Deep Elm Dave / Trail Of Tears / Jessie And The Glendale Train / If You'll Let Me / Tell Me Why / I Love This Girl / Steamboat Bill / The Ballad Of Thunder Road / Please Answer The Phone / Out Of Bounds Again / The Great Titanic / Going Down To Soldier / You've Got Me Lyin' / I'm Gonna Try Again / Where Did My Baby Go / Branded / Night Rider / Honky Tonk Man / All Grown Up / Sleufoot The Bear / Johnny Reb / I Got Stripes / That Old Jukebox / Just A Poor Man / I've Got You Worried Too / Seven Cards from Now / Polly Ann / Dunkerque / Jessie And The Glendale Train / Sugar Coated Baby / You've Got Me Lyin' / Untamed Heart / If You'll Let Me / Truddy Brown / Seven Cards From Now / Truddy Brown / Seven Cards From Now

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