Chanteur Country US né le 2 Juillet 1937 à Clovis (Nouveau Mexique), Charlie Phillips a travaillé dans une ferme, puis comme comique dans la radio locale KCLV. Le propriétaire de la station manage Charlie et le fait signer avec Coral Records en 1957. Il passe ensuite chez Decca, Longhorn et Reprise Records.

A longtime figure on the Texas country music scene, Charlie Phillips hailed from the West Texas community of Farwell, not far from the Texas/New Mexico border. Phillips grew up in a farm family, but developed a keen interest in music as a boy, and was known to sing songs he'd written while plowing the fields. As a teenager, he developed enough confidence in his work to travel to Clovis, NM and play some of his tunes for producer Norman Petty, who had recorded hits for Buddy Holly and Buddy Knox. Petty was impressed with Phillips, and arranged for him to record some of his material; Buddy Holly played guitar and sang backup on some of Phillips' first sessions in Clovis, including a tune called "Sugartime." Petty brokered a record deal for Phillips with Coral Records, and "Sugartime" was the B-side of his debut single, "One Faded Rose," released in 1957. The record fared well on the country charts, and Coral placed the song "Sugartime" with another one of their acts, the McGuire Sisters, whose cover became a major pop hit and helped turn "Sugartime" into an oft-recorded standard. While Phillips' next single for Coral, "Be My Bride," enjoyed a successful run on the country charts, his next several releases, recorded in New York City, attracted little notice, and after his contract ran out with the label, he returned to Clovis and cut more sessions with Norman Petty. Columbia Records signed Phillips, and his first single for his new label, "I Guess I'll Never Learn," returned him to the upper reaches of the country charts. Phillips' next few sessions for Columbia were recorded in Nashville and fared well, though he grew dissatisfied with the quality of material his A&R men assigned to him; Phillips sang on the original publishing demo of "Welcome to My World," but Columbia felt it was a poor match for him and wouldn't allow him to record it for release, while Jim Reeves' later version became a smash. After leaving Columbia, Phillips cut a single for the Texas-based Longhorn Records label, "The Big Ball Is in Cowtown," which became a major regional hit; the record's success attracted the attention of producer Jimmy Bowen, who signed Phillips to a deal with Reprise Records. Phillips' Reprise debut, "Souvenirs of Sorrow," was climbing the charts when Reprise decided to get out of the country field, apparently on the orders of label founder Frank Sinatra, and they promptly dropped Phillips and deleted the record from their catalog. By this time, Phillips was enjoying a profitable sideline as a country radio DJ and owner of several radio stations, and rather than deal with the frustrations of the record game, he eased back on performing and put his emphasis on his radio career. In the '80s, Phillips teamed up with Norman Petty to record a new album, but Petty's death in 1984 halted the project before it could be completed, though the final Petty sessions eventually surfaced on an album called Full Circle. Phillips continued to perform in Texas in his spare time with a Western Swing band called Charlie Phillips & the Sugartimers. In 2011, the prestigious German reissue label Bear Family Records issued Sugartime, a collection of Phillips' singles of the '50s and ‘60s.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll

Sugartime (1957)

Be My Bride (1958)

No More Sugartime (1961)

The Big Ball Is In Cowtown (1966)

Souvenirs Of Sorrow (1967)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



11/1957 SP CORAL 9-61908 (US) .

Sugartime / One Faded Rose

04/1958 SP CORAL 9-61970 (US) . Be My Bride / Too Many Tears
06/1961 SP COLUMBIA 4-42035 (US) .

No More Sugartime / Welcome To The Wedding

02/1962 SP COLUMBIA 4-42289 (US) .

I Guess I'll Never Learn / Now That It's Over

09/1962 SP COLUMBIA 4-42526 (US) .

Cancel The Call / You're Moving Away

01/1963 SP COLUMBIA 4-42691 (US) .

No One To Love / 'Til Sunday

08/1963 SP COLUMBIA 4-42851 (US) .

This Is The House / Later Tonight

03/1964 SP COLUMBIA 4-43014 (US) .

Please Help Me Believe / The Street Of Loneliness

1966 SP LONGHORN LH 574 (US) .

Charlie "Sugartime" PHILLIPS - The Big Ball Is In Cowtown / Rainbow In The Valley

05/1967 SP REPRISE 0581 (US) .

Souvenirs Of Sorrow / Be Careful, Go Easy, Go Slow

1969 SP K-ARK 874 (US) .

Your Going Is Coming / Just Let The Flowers Grow

1970 SP K-ARK 935 (US) .

Twenty Fools Ago / Blue, Blue Bottle

1971 SP K-ARK 986 (US) .

Ballad Of Bill Jones / Before The Next Daybreak's Gone

1972 SP BOYD BB-7202 (US) . Big Ball In Cowtown / Rainbow In The Valley
1974 SP ARTCO 5014 (US) .

Bend Me Straight Again / Who Are You

1977 SP SPIRIT 11-77 (US) .

Wild Side Of Houston / No Greater Love

1980 SP OAK ORS-1025 (US) .

Goin’Away / Shambles Of My Heart


Sugartime / Be My Bride / Faker / One Faded Rose


03/2011 CD BEAR FAMILY BCD 16840 (GER)

Sugartime - I'm Trapped / Bridge I Can't Burn / Souvenirs Of Sorrow / Be Careful, Go Easy, Walk Slow / Sugartime / Be My Bride / Too Many Tears / Faker / One Faded Rose / No More Sugartime / Welcome To The Wedding / Guess I'll Never Learn / Now That It's Over / No One To Love / 'Till Sunday / Cancel The Call / You're Moving Away / Later Tonight / This Is The House / Please Help Me Believe / Streets Of Loneliness / Big Ball's In Cowtown / Rainbow In The Valley / Twenty Fools Ago / Blue Blue Bottle / Who Are You / I Walk Alone Tomorrow / Hurry Up Sundown / I'm Giving Her Love / I'll Take What's Left Of You / Listen (Could It Be Her) / Phoney Angel / You're My LSD / R&R Medley : Whole Lotta Shakin' - Johnny B. Goode - The Twist - Rock Around The Clock - Sugartime / Sugartime (demo)

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