Guitariste Bluegrass US n peter Hamilton Rowan, le 4 Juillet 1942 Boston (Massachusetts).

A major cult figure among progressive bluegrass aficionados, Peter Rowan participated in a number of adventurous projects in the late '60s and '70s before embarking on a highly productive solo career. Primarily a guitarist, Rowan also sang, yodeled, and played various members of the mandolin family. He was born in 1942 and grew up in Wayland, Massachusetts, near Boston; his parents and several relatives were musicians, and he and his brothers Chris and Lorin grew up playing both rock and bluegrass together.
Rowan also formed a Tex-Mex band called the Cupids in high school, and after college he sang and played mandolin in the folk group the Mother Bay State Entertainers, whom he joined in 1963. He also played with Jim Rooney and Bill Keith, and in 1964 he joined Bill Monroe's legendary Blue Grass Boys as a vocalist and guitarist. He departed in 1967 to team up with mandolin virtuoso David Grisman in the eclectic, progressive-minded folk-rock band Earth Opera, who released two albums and often opened for the Doors. Rowan next moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and joined Seatrain, a bluegrass/rock hybrid outfit. He appeared on two albums over 1970-1971, then left to play with Jerry Garcia and Grisman in the bluegrass group Old & In The Way, also joining Grisman in Muleskinner.
In 1975, Rowan teamed with his brothers Chris and Lorin in the progressive bluegrass unit the Rowans, who released several acclaimed albums over the next few years. Rowan also performed with Flaco Jimenez in Mexican Airforce and issued his first two solo albums -- 1978's Peter Rowan and 1980's Medicine Trail -- on Flying Fish. He issued the Tex-Mex project Texican Badman on Appaloosa in 1981 as well as an album with his Nashville-based group, the Wild Stallions. The year 1982 brought The Walls of Time, the first in a long string of albums for the Sugar Hill label that lasted well into the '90s.
Among the more notable, 1985's The First Whippoorwill was an affectionate tribute to Monroe, while 1988's New Moon Rising became the signature album of Rowan's solo career, featuring some of his most popular material. Released in 1990, Dust Bowl Children was a completely solo performance, while 1991's All on a Rising Day continued his creative hot streak. Several more albums followed through 1996, including one, 1994's Tree on a Hill, that reunited him with Chris and Lorin; another, 1996's Yonder, paired him with Dobro king Jerry Douglas for a set of duets.
Rowan took a break from his solo career for a few years but continued to guest on albums by other artists, including the Czech folk group Druha Trava. He returned in 2002 with High Lonesome Cowboy, a collaborative effort with Don Edwards for Shanachie that also featured Tony Rice and Norman Blake. In 2004 Rowan released You Were There for Me, a long overdue collaboration with Tony Rice that resulted in another album in 2007 called Quartet.
The Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band issued the Alison Brown-produced Legacy in 2010 with a quartet comprising Jody Stetcher, Paul Knight, and Keith Little. Its guests included Ricky Skaggs, Del McCoury, Gillian Welch, and David Rawlings. Old School, issued in 2013, brought together surviving members of Monroe's Blue Grass Boys with a new generation of players who followed in the footsteps of that tradition. It was followed later in the year by a raw compilation of Rowan's Trang & Groove, a reggae, R&B, and bluegrass fusion project.
Back in 2006, producer John Chelew happened by Rowan's painting studio and heard him play some some spiritually themed songs he'd performed live but had never recorded. The producer booked time at the Record Plant in Sausalito and Rowan and his band began laying down some of the songs. Further recording was done in Los Angeles and New Orleans, with a slew of guests including bassist Jack Casady and Welch. The album was issued as Dharma Blues by Elk Run through Omnivore Recordings in the summer of 2014.

Talents : Singer, Songwriter, Yodeler, Guitar, Mandolin, Mandola, Saxophone

Style musical : Bluegrass, Folk, Acoustic Country (Rowan Brothers)  (Peter Rowan Band)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



10/1972 SP COLUMBIA 4-45728 (US) ROWAN BROTHERS - All Together / Lady Of Laughter
05/1973 SP COLUMBIA 4-45856 (US) ROWAN BROTHERS - Hickory Day / Move On Down
09/1975 SP ASYLUM E 45281 (US) ROWANS - Take It As It Comes / Thunder On The Mountain
03/1976 SP ASYLUM E 45308 (US) ROWANS - Beggar In Blue Jeans / Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
09/1976 SP ASYLUM E 45347 (US) ROWANS - If I Only Could / Tired Hands
1977 SP ASYLUM E 45376 (US) ROWANS - Ooh My Love / Mongolian Swamp / All The King's Men


09/1972 LP 12" COLUMBIA KC-31297 (US) THE ROWAN BROTHERS - The ROWAN BROTHERS - Hickory Day / All Together / Best You Can / One More Time / Lay Me Down / Wizard / Mama Don't You Cry / Gold / Love Will Conquer / Lady Of Laughter / Move On Down / Singin' Song
1975 LP 12" ASYLUM 7E-1038 (US) ROWANS - The ROWANS - Take It As It Comes / Midnight-Moonlight / Me Loving You / Old Silver / Thunder On The Mountain / Beggar In Blue Jeans / Do Right / Man-Woman / Pieces On The Ground / Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
1976 LP 12" ASYLUM 7E-1073 (US) SIBLING RIVALRY - The ROWAN BROTHERS - Ooh My Love / Love Is / Tired Hands / If I Only Could / No Desanimes Amor (Don't Disappoint Love) / Ya Ba Da Ba / Fire Dragon / Mongolian Swamp - King's Men / Joaquin Murrieta / Sword Of Faith - Soldier Of The Cross
1977 LP 12" ASYLUM 7E-1114 (US) JUBILATION - The ROWANS - Best Of Friends / Give Ya Good Lovin' / Hoo Doo Love / Love's Secret Sighs / Don't Say Goodbye / Lovelight / New Horizons / Makin' It Easy / Calle Music
10/1978 LP 12" FLYING FISH FF-071 (US) PETER ROWAN - Outlaw Love / Break My Heart Again / A Woman In Love / When I Was A Cowboy / Land Of The Navajo / The Free Mexican Airforce / Panama Red / Midnite Moonlite / The Gypsy King's Farewell
04/1980 LP 12" FLYING FISH FF-205 (US) MEDICINE TRAIL - Riding High In The Sky / My Foolish Pride / River Of Stone / Revelation / Living On The Line (with Laura EASTMAN) / Medicine Trail / Blues Come Bother Me / Dreaming I Love You / Maui Momma / Prairie Lullabye
1980 LP 12" APPALOOSA APP-010 (I) TEXICAN BADMAN - Sweet Melinda / Four Corners / A Vacant Sea / I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) / Squeeze Box Man / Texican Badman / What Of Alicia / While The Ocean Roars / Awake My Love / On The Blue Horizon
1981 LP 12" APPALOOSA APP-016 (I) THE WILD STALLIONS - Peter ROWAN & The Wild STALLIONS - I Can't Get Mellow / The Hotter She Burns / Fool Myself Again / Baby Let's Play House / Call It Love / A Woman In Love / Cries Of Love / Refugee / Sheila / Rendezvous / Primavera Dell'amore
01/1982 LP 12" SUGAR HILL SH-3722 (US) THE WALLS OF TIME - Roving Gambler / Lone Pilgrim / Raglan Road (Dawning Of The Day) / Going Up On The Mountain / Casey's Last Ride / Old, Old House / Hiroshima Mon Amour / Willow Garden / Moonshiner / Thirsty In The Rain / Walls Of Time / Plains Of Waterloo
1983 LP 12" Waterfront ‎WF 012 (UK) Revelry - Peter Rowan And Tex Logan And Greg Douglass - The Holy Wells Of Ireland / Maelstrom / Sitting On Top Of The World / Rising O' The Bones / Lovesick Blues / Talkin Bluegrass - Black Mountain Juice / Mansion On The Hill / When I Was A Cowboy / No Place Like Home
03/1984 LP 12" SUGAR HILL SH-3733 (US) PETER ROWAN WITH THE RED HOT PICKERS - Hobo Song / Old, Old House / Willow Garden / Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy / Wild Bill Jones / Hiroshima Mon Amour / Come All Ye Tender-Hearted / Oh, Susannah / Rosalie McFall / A Good Woman's Love
08/1985 LP 12" WATERFRONT WF 016 (UK)

Rowan, Keith & Rooney - PETER ROWAN, BILL KEITH & JIM ROONEY - Blue Ridge Mountain Blues / Riding High in Texas / Outlaw Love - Texican Badman / Caravan / Midnight Moonlight / Sleep With One Eye Open / Flint Hill Special / Tennessee Blues / Auld Lang Syne

10/1985 LP 12" SUGAR HILL SH-3749 (US) THE FIRST WHIPPOORWILL - I'm On My Way Back To The Old Home / I'm Just A Used To Be / I Believed In You, Darling / Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong / When The Golden Leaves Begin To Fall / I Was Left On The Street / Goodbye Old Pal / When You Are Lonely / The First Whippoorwill / Sittin' Alone In The Moonlight / Boat Of Love / It's Mighty Dark To Travel
06/1988 LP 12" SUGAR HILL SH-3762 (US) NEW MOON RISING - Peter ROWAN & The NASHVILLE BLUEGRASS BAND - That High Lonesome Sound / Trail Of Tears / Memories Of You / A Moth To A Flame / I'm Gonna Love You (Like There's No Tomorrow) / One Way / New Moon Rising / Jesus Made The Wine / Cabin Of Love / Meadow Green
06/1990 CD SUGAR HILL SH-CD-3781 (US) DUST BOWL CHILDREN - Dust Bowl Children / Before The Streets Were Paved / Electric Blanket / Little Mother / Barefoot Country Road / Seeds My Daddy Sowed / Tumbleweed / Dream Of A Home / Rainmaker / Forest For The Trees / The Harvest / Wings Of Horses
05/1991 CD SUGAR HILL SH-CD-3791 (US) ALL ON A RISING DAY - Midnight Highway / Last Train / Howlin' At The Moon / Mr. Time Clock / Behind These Prison Walls Of Love / Deal With The Devil / Undying Love / The Wheel Of Fortune / All On A Rising Day / Freedom Walkabout / Prayer Of A Homeless Wanderer / John O'Dreams
04/1993 CD SUGAR HILL SHCD-3807 (US) AWAKE ME IN A NEW WORLD - Shaman's Vision / Dreams Of The Sea / Pulcinella Sails Away / Caribbean Woman / Dance With No Shoes / Sugar Cane / For Gods, For Kings & For Gold / Awake Me In The New World / All My Relations / Remember That I Love You / Maria De Las Rosas / African Banjo / Sailing Home / Dance Of Pulcinella
1994 CD SUGAR HILL SHCD-3823 (US) TREE ON THE HILL - Peter ROWAN & The ROWAN BROTHERS - Tree On A Hill / Man Of Constant Sorrow / Little Darlin' Pal Of Mine / No Lonesome Tune / Rye Whiskey / Fair And Tender Ladies / Faith, Love And Devotion / Long Time / Lone Pilgrim / I'll Be There / Mary Magdalene
04/1996 CD SUGAR HILL SHCD-3847 (US) YONDER - Jerry DOUGLAS & Peter ROWAN - Wayside Tavern / Cannon Ball Blues / Lullaby Of The Leaves / Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues / Texas Rangers / Can't Get There From Here / Tribulations / When You And I Were Young, Maggie / Girl In The Blue Velvet Band / Chicka-Li-Lee-O / You Taught Me How To Lose / Where Angels Weep
09/1996 CD SUGAR HILL SHCD-3859 (US) BLUEGRASS BOY - Nighttime / Wild Geese Cry Again / A Jealous Heart And A Worried Mind / Will Work For Food / Stable Boy Blues / The Green Willow / Let The Harvest Go To Seed / Ruby Ridge / Pretty Little Blanco River Waltz / Weep Not For The Dead / Pure White Sail / Bluegrass Boy
09/2002 CD SHANACHIE CD-6058 (US) HIGH LONESOME COWBOY - Peter ROWAN & Don EDWARDS - Take Me Back To The Range / The Old Chisholm Trail / Ramblin' Cowboy / Reno Blues / The Old Grey Mare Came Tearing Our Of The Wilderness / Trail To Mexico / The Night Guard / Buddies In The Saddle / Goodbye Old Paint / Midnight On The Stormy Deep / I'm Going To Leave Texas Now
02/2003 CD THERE 0005 (US) CRAZY PEOPLE - The ROWANS - Crazy People / Nothin' Personal / Red Rockin' Chair / Pretty Senorita / Don't Pick The Blossom Before The Flower Grows / Free Mexican Airforce / That's Alright (Long Time) / In 1999 / Shoppin' Feet / Ain't Nothin' Like A Family
04/2004 CD COLLECTOR'S CHOICE 423 (US) SIBLING RIVALRY / JUBILATION - The ROWANS - Ooh My Love / Love Is / Tired Hands / If I Only Could / No Desanimes Amor (Don't Disappoint Love) / Ya Ba Da Ba / Fire Dragon / Mongolian Swamp - King's Men / Joaquin Murrieta / Sword Of Faith - Soldier Of The Cross / Best Of Friends / Give Ya Good Lovin' / Hoo Doo Love / Love's Secret Sighs / Don't Say Goodbye / Lovelight / New Horizons / Makin' It Easy / Calle Music
09/2004 CD ROUNDER 11661-0441-2 (US) YOU WERE THERE FOR ME - Peter ROWAN & Tony RICE - You Were There For Me / Tin Roof Shack / Shirt Off My Back / Miss Liberty (Lay My Lonesome Down) / Cowboys And Indians / Ahmed The Beggar Boy / Angel Island / Ain't That Just Like You / Come Back To Old Santa Fe / Wild Mustang
09/2004 2 CD BOS MUSIC 1578 (US) NOW & THEN :
CD 1 : Circle Of Friends / Heart Of A Woman / Pathways / Burn It On Down / Cold War / I'll Be There / As Much As I Do / Arms Of The One I Love / Don't Forget / Runnin' Wild / Lonely Nights / Swims With Dolphins / How I Think Of You / Angelina / Childish Love / Soldier's Cross / Circle Of Friends (instrumental reprise)
CD 2 : Free / Run To The Wind / Climbing Up The Mountain / Don't You Worry / It Grows And Grows / Waiting In The Garden / All In The Way She Moves / Speedway Driver / If I Only Could / Livin' The Life / Guardian Angel / Can't Stop Lovin' You / Feel The Spirit / Peace And Happiness / Laura My Love / Only You / After All Is Said And Done
2005 CD THERE 801097007 (US) REGGAEBILLY ! - Pulling The Devil By The Tail / Little Maggie / Angel Island / I Don't Want To Live Without Your Love / The Cuckoo Bird / Blue Mountain (Every Man) / Sky Dancer / Vulture Peak (Form And Emptiness) / Fetch Wood Carry Water / Fetch Wood Carry Water [dub version]
2006 CD THERE 8 (US) CRUCIAL COUNTRY - LIVE AT TELLURIDE - Deal With The Devil [live] / Howlin' At The Moon [live] / The Walls Of Time [live] / Tumbleweed [live] / Panama Red [live] / Rainmaker [live] / Wings Of Horses [live] / No Woman No Cry [live] / Land Of The Navajo [live] / Ancient Tones [live]
01/2007 CD ROUNDER 11661-0579-2 (US) QUARTET - Peter ROWAN & Tony RICE - Dust Bowl Children / To Live Is To Fly / The Walls Of Time / Shady Grove / Moonlight Midnight / Trespasses / The Sunny Side Of The Mountain / Cold Rain And Snow / Guardian Angles / Let The Harvest Go To Seed / Perfection
07/2007 CD SUGAR HILL SHCD-4035 (US) BEST OF THE SUGAR HILL YEARS - That High Lonesome Sound (with The NASHVILLE BLUEGRASS BAND) / A Jealous Heart And A Worried Mind / Walls Of Time / Dust Bowl Children / Girl In The Blue Velvet Band (with Jerry DOUGLAS) / All On A Rising Day / Hiroshima Mon Amour / Rainmaker / The First Whippoorwill / You Taught Me How To Lose (with Jerry DOUGLAS) / Memories Of You (with The NASHVILLE BLUEGRASS BAND) / Last Train / Howlin' At The Moon / Wild Geese Cry Again / Meadow Green
2009 CD Roots Collectibles RCCD 2 (UK) The Free Mexican Airforce - Outlaw Love / Break My Heart Again / A Woman In Love / When I Was A Cowboy / Land Of The Navajo / The Free Mexican Airforce / Panama Red / Midnite Moonlight / The Gypsy King's Farewell / Riding High In Texas / My Foolish Pride / River Of Stone / Revelation / Medicine Trail / Dreaming I Love You / Maui Momma / Prairie Lullabye
09/2010 CD Compass COM 45432 (US) Legacy - Peter Rowan & Nashville Bluegrass Band - Jailer Jailer / The Family Demon / Father, Mother / The Raven / So Good / The Night Prayer / Catfish Blues / Turn The Other Cheek / God's Own Child / Don't Ask Me Why / Let Me Walk Lord By Your Side / Lord Hamilton's Yearling / Across The Rolling Hills (Padmasambhava)
2013 CD Compass COM 46002 (US) The Old School - Keepin' It Between The Lines (Old School) (Peter ROWAN feat: Jesse McReynolds / Bobby Osborne / The Rules) / That's All She Wrote / True Love To Last / Ragged Old Dream / Doc Watson Morning / Drop The Bone / Letter From Beyond / Stealin' My Time / A Mountain Man's Dream / My Savior Is Callin' Me / O Freedom / Keepin' It Between The Lines (Old School) (Reprise) (Peter ROWAN feat: The Gibson Brothers / Bobby Osborne / Don Rigsby / The Rules / Eddie Stubbs)
07/2014 CD Omnivore OVCD 82 (US) Dharma Blues - River Of Time / Raven (Peter Rowan feat: Gillian Welch) / Dharma Blues / My Love Will Never Change / Wisdom Woman / Arise / Restless Grave (Peter Rowan feat: Gillian Welch) / Vulture Peak / Who Will Live / Snow Country Girl (Peter Rowan feat: Gillian Welch) / Illusion's Fool / A Grain Of Sand
05/2017 CD Omnivore OVCD 219 (US)

My Aloha! - My Blue Hula Girl / Jerry In The Deep Blue Sea / Sunny At Sunrise / Lotus Flower / My Aloha (Appalachian Mountain Home) / Tsuki-Chan / The Waltz Of Waikiki / A Man Of Time And Tides / Two Ships In The Night / Uncle Jimmy / Sunny At Sunrise (reprise)

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